Forum Log in Broken... again

Seems like the in game forums log in are broken yet again. Hitting the Gear —> More Settings —> Forums is broken, as is just doing Gear —> Forums.

It asks for email address and password each time the forums are accessed in game, even if the game isn’t exited. Any ETA on getting this fixed?

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I didn’t even know this was a thing, it has ALWAYS asked me for my email and password which is why I stopped using the in game feature. Very annoying to log in on stuff on mobile devices over and over, not doin it. Nope nope nope


It usually doesn’t ask me for it, which is why it’s annoying when it starts doing it :sweat_smile:

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I am experiencing same problem after update, tried already everything but doesnt help. Hope someone have some solution in here? It is really annoying when you need to type email and password all the time.

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My forums issue in game is there is no back button.

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Omg it’s ducky from the land before time…I miss that show😞

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I think everyone has that issue :sweat_smile:

At least there is a delete post button… I always go into forums from the game, it’s never asked me to sign in though

browse the forum via browser on your phone.
save password when prompted
automatic log in inside the game.

Nope, this didnt work for me either, my browser stay logged in but thru the game it always log out ;/ what the hell

did you saved the password though?

This is for Android
This is for iOS

Yes I did…

Yep, forum password and email is saved to my safari keychain, but I’m still prompted for the in game forum log in each time I try to access it.

Thank god im not the only one irked by this … super freaking annoying…just started today for me FYI

Same problem with mine too :sob:

Would be awesome if @PGJared have any solution for us ;/

since the in-game forum access use some sort of browser application, it might be best to do a full clear history (clear everything from saved site to cookies to saved password) of your default browser and then do the same “save password”.

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I just started having the same problem as well. All of a sudden I have to login every time I access the forums through the game. Never had to before

For those who didn’t used to need to log in each time, but do now: did you recently update your iOS version on your devices? A workaround that has sometimes worked is using your browser app (Chrome or Safari) to log in, and allowing it to save your login info for next time when it asks. However, it’s still very inconvenient if it doesn’t work. I should know, my password is a pain to type. I’ll follow up with the team to see if someone can assist with a more permanent solution.

I still haven’t updated to the latest iOS :sweat_smile: I want to back up my devices before I do that, in case something goes wrong… I keep not doing that though :woman_facepalming:

Edit: iPad and iPhone are both on iOS version 11.2.5