Forum Log in Broken

Is it really going to make you log in Every. Single. Time?


Hmm. I never have to enter my info. Maybe superstar @forScience has a trick?

Then it likes you more than me :sob:

I talk sweetly to it

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It is making me log in each time now also. It just started this afternoon

Mine is fine. Maybe you’re complaining too much Panda and the forum Gods are punishing you… :joy:

On desktop, I still have a logged in session from a while back. In the morning through early afternoon (fine now), I was getting an Internal Server Error on mobile via browser. It seems like a setting might’ve been changed?

I’m jumping from desktop to mobile and back - no problems

Yeah I’m currently having to log in each time…

(I kind of expected mine, after I had an issue last night)

In fact I’m on both simultaneously. This is from my mobile :+1:

Never log out; it seems like new sessions are the ones with issues. :see_no_evil:


Ah great tip! Ok I’m logged in forever now! :joy:

I am accessing thru the game and have not logged out. Still have to login each time

Do you mean in-game? I have to log in every time from in game so just leave the game and open browser where I don’t have to log in. That’s not very helpful, but just sayin

It is always annoying as all get out when the forums ask you to log on… from INSIDE the game. :woman_facepalming: Luckily it’s been a while since it did that to me. But always hate it when it happens.

never had problem. I have my login info saved on Chrome and Firefox and never had to re-login every time.

It’s asking me on my alt, and given I can’t remember my password, poor baby dorb is screwed

:scream: You threw the baby out with the bathwater? Support should be able to get it reset for you?

Lol not likely, the link they sent me doesn’t work…I’ve been on a treadmill for a month

Security tip. Lol.

I wonder if a true SSO is on their roadmap.