Forum login broken. once again

the auto login from game to forum is once again broken…
how difficult is it to fix this???


You seemed to have been able to get in without it anyway…

I go to safari when it’s broken, which is fine for now, but when war is happening, it’s way more valuable to visit forums in game to catch defends.

You can get in also by clicking on one of the forum links from the news section of the in-game mail. However, it is much less convenient than the actual forum button just doing its job.

I’ve given up on using the forums in game. I just utilize the multitasking feature on my iPad pro to pull a window of Safari over the game so I can browse the forums. You have to swipe the window overlay out of the way to join a defend, but that doesn’t really cause any issues.

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Lucky! iPhone 6s pleb here.

C’mon folks, you know the WD motto - If it ain’t broke, give it time, it will be soon.


Hey! That’s my motto for everything I touch at work!

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