Forum "New thread" titles are deformed

Hi! I’d like to submit a little display issue which can be annoying even for a casual user of the forum on handheld devices.

I’m mainly using “new” and “unread” tabs on Chrome in Mobile view, and it usually displays fine… But there’s a little problem of display when you select “new” without categories.

The titles of the threads are displayed in a narrow column that makes reading them a challenge.

However when any category is selected…

New threads titles display just fine. And I think I know where the problem lies…

The “category” column takes too much importance compared to the titles. Categories even have their colour codes!

So the best solution in my opinion would be to increase the widst of the “topic” column and decrease the “category” one so it’s easier to use for people who are comfortable with portrait view on mobile Chrome. That way we wouldn’t need to decipher the titles while in portrait mode.

(And please I don’t need to read smart comments about switching to landscape mode because if you read my previous topic on site feedback you’ll understand that landscape mode is not comfortable either when typing because I am literally typing blind and it’s really not fun…)

@Arelyna @PGJared @PGCrisis (gotta give the new employee a try :blush:) is there something that can be made, a little tweak or two to make the forum more comfortable to browse?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Edit : this also happens for “unread” titles as well :joy:

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That’s some custom CSS stuff there. I…uh…hrm…

Gonna need some time to look into that.

It’s ok if you don’t know how to do it Jared, you are not omnipotent. But I suppose you can find someone who loves to tweaky-tweak those kinds of things :wink:

That’s why people tag you so much. We know that we can count on you even when it’s not really your branch of work :smile:


@PGJared There’s a Topic List Previews plugin that lets you shift the category below the topic.

topic list category badge move: Display the Category Badge of the topic underneath the topic title in the topic list item, rather than in a separate column.


This could actually be the solution :scream:

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Hrm. I’ll have to test that out!

Great suggestion, @Kardul. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

I think you did something because now it’s already easier to read and the topic column seem larger. That’s a great improvement already!

Thank you very much! :hugs:

Topics are back to being narrow and hard to read for new threads :cry:

At least that’s more readable than what I get if I try to use iOS 11 multistasking to pull up the forums via safari while I’m in game. Especially when you scroll down to the “Suggested Topics” at the bottom of a thread. I honestly don’t know how you’re supposed to read this:

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Tagging Discourse employees here:

@HAWK @jomaxro

Thanks Grumpy! x)

Hi there! It looks to me like the screenshots are showing the desktop view on a phone. You should not see “Categories”, “Latest”, “New”, etc. when on mobile. It should look like this:

For those of you having display issues, can you check if somehow you switched to desktop view instead of mobile view? To check open the hamburger menu and look at the bottom of the menu. If you see a link for “Mobile View”, you’re in desktop view. Switch back to mobile view for a proper UX. If you see a link for “Desktop View”, then something is wrong. Let me know and I’ll troubleshoot more.


Well, I’m in desktop view lol. Typically it works well unless I have the the screen as narrow as was shown in the screen shot I added. Then it give me grief :laughing:

Thanks for the tip!

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Yeah, we do our best to make Desktop mode as responsive (adapts to different screen sizes) as we can, but there are limits. Get to narrow and you need to be in mobile view.

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Ok, I’m in the “desktop view” on discourse but not on Chrome, sorry for the slight misunderstanding. I didn’t know that there was a mobile view on the discourse too.

I wish to stay in “discourse desktop view” to keep both “new” and “unread” one tap away and so I guess I will have to keep with the “new” narrow column that is back to as narrow as before…

I wish to see the same width of column for both “unread” and “new”, I mean that the “unread” example is fine, but look all that wasted space in “new” tab for replies number and activity that should take 4 characters space maximum…

The mobile view I was talking about is inside Discourse, not Chrome. See the screenshot below:

We will not be adjusting Desktop View to look great on extremely narrow screens. For extremely narrow screens you must use Mobile View.

Someone did it for “unread” topics, I’m just asking fo columns on both tabs to show the same width (the one where topic column is larger). For a smooth finish.

I found the Discourse mobile view already with your “hamburger menu” explanation but thank you for circling it out in case some people didn’t get it.
As I stated previously it doesn’t suit me to use Discourse mobile view, but if you don’t want to tweak the column widths of unread tab I’ll deal with it.

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