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As an addition to the forum:

Can we have it added so that we can see a few player details from the forum?

We are clearly already linked between the forum and the WD game as we grab player names and portraits.

I’d like to see a players level and team name on their User Card.

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In-game stats in Player's Profile

Interesting suggestion!


But why? Does it really matter?


It would at least be nice to know what experience the players posting on the forums have. Example- a new player, say level 20 or a level 300 or what league they are in as to how competitive it is, etc. Exact team names would just make it easier to find them ingame :smirk: (without having to send a mail to find them, that is).

Those types of things make it a little easier to “tailor” responses to questions, etc.


They could probably just import that data from the players profile page I would think?


Well, ‘experience’ is a complicated thing. It has less to do with level than common sense (depending on the topic). In other words, this game is less about playing to understand rather than knowing your stuff.

In my case here, this is my lowest alt account so having the level of this account would be useless. I do this because I don’t want just anyone to see my other IGNs because those are teams and accounts I’d like to keep out of arguments/drama. Just don’t see the point.


Please add at least peoples levels… That way we don’t have to waste time replying to lvl 20s asking for old divines to be brought back. Thanks xD


I’d just like to echo that some of us have multiple accounts. This is my Alt in game and I’d hate for people to think I don’t know my shit :pensive:


Use BabyRed, and commence trolling.


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