Forum Post Tricks

Apart from the blatantly obvious features that are displayed on the line, what are some other “forum tricks”?

For example, how do you add the little separative line between your text (the very same line that separates one post from another)? Are there any other tricks besides the strikethrough text (“~~” before and after the text) that you can use?

Edit - And I guess I’ll also add them all here into a more consolidated list, for easier reference and organization, should anyone actually benefit from this thread later on when creating their forum posts. Initially, this was more of a question thread. Now, it will serve as both a question thread and a “help thread”:

  1. Headings — Type a hashtag (or number sign… “#”), then type whatever you want to put as your header. Your text should be enlarged. Differently-sized headings can be found here. To do this, you just add extra hashtags before your text, as shown here. Make sure you put a space between the hashtag and the word!

  2. Divider Line & Font Color — These were explained quite well in the post, so no need to elaborate here. The font color feature was explained a bit further here (you simply add in the words “font color=”, and type in a color; then, type “face=“, and a font name will follow that [type “arial” for the normal standard font], then you add a “>” and type your desired text after it, concluding your text with “< / font >” , without the spaces between “font” and the symbols. Do not worry about “size” unless you want to change the size of your words. See the linked post before this parenthesized text for a visual representation).

  3. Right-Alignment in Text

  4. Using Different Text Sizes, Fonts, and Colors Simultaneously — This was also explained quite well, so no need to elaborate here either.



Must not have the magic touch.

Oh, squiggles, need better glasses

Don’t cross me



They may have a button up there somewhere (add “==“ after the line)


gives you a divider line

putting a \ in front of any formating lets you actually see it, *suchs as*

<font color = cyan>


Welp I guess you need flavor text


Well fonts are out to lunch today

So does any html work?


Guess it does …


How did you do that?

April fools I don’t know anything except when I learn :joy:

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Can write using the right alignment


This is going to be a funny thread < head 3 :joy::joy::joy:>

This didn’t end well …

Welp I tried again :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

So how long until someone just pastes in an HTML reference manual?


How did you do that though is it on the top of the text box I’m typing on?

Interesting. If you quote my heading message:

It displays as:
“# Heading 1”
“## Heading 2”
“### Heading 3”

which works to make the different headings, but that is not how I typed it in. I typed it in as HTML.

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“# heading 1”

HTML Heading 1 still nothing

#”Heading” 1

Heading 1

Try without the " before the #

Edit: A space after the # should work!

You know what I need a flipping manual

This seriously makes no sense I need someone to copy their text and disrupt it in order to figure this out

Copy this:
*# Heading 1

Just get rid of the *

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