Forum Posts Don’t Start Where You Left Off

That was the best I could word this (the title of this forum post).

Whenever I exit a forum post, or exit the forums altogether, I come back later to catch up on some reading and it doesn’t pick up where I left off. It’s usually one reply ahead of where I should be. Basically, whatever I finish reading and decide I want to go do something else, it skips two replies ahead, instead of going to the reply that follows.

For example, I could be on post number 568. Let’s say that’s the end of the thread (and yes, I have read over 500 replies straight before. It’s like reading a chapter of a book). I leave and do something else. I come back, and it skips to 570. This is what I’m talking about for those that didn’t quite understand my explanation above.

This isn’t that big of a concern, so I’m not going to make that big of a deal about it. It’s just something I noticed.

I believe it will jump down to the bottom of your screen for some reason.
It’s annoying but not a major issue for me at least

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If you’ve scrolled even slightly into the realm of the following post, it’ll consider it ‘read’ and skip over it



@moderators this thread can be closed now please.

Closing as requested. Sorry there wasn’t a better answer for you.