Forum says if I can see Atlas, I have access to Atlas, but


I realize this may just be a glitch, but I’m seeing the Atlas forum (obviously! lol), and it says I have access to Atlas if I can see it, but I don’t think I do/can’t imagine I would. I wouldn’t even know how to access Atlas.

Could this just be a wee glitch?


The let everyone see the Atlas forum, whether or not you have ingame access.


I figured it just had to be the wrong wording or something. Thanks.

“Welcome to Atlas! If you can see this category on our forums, it means you have access to Atlas! Please use this category to talk about anything related to Atlas.”


Yeah, that changed when the players that had Atlas couldn’t see the forum. They just opened it up to everyone.


I like reading about it even though I don’t have access. :slight_smile: Thanks.


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