Forum Sign-in issue

Anyone else having to sign-in each time accessing the forum through the game? I didn’t have this problem until the latest update.

It’s happened off and on for me depending on which update it is and if I have to delete and reinstall or not, but idk what fixed it :man_shrugging:t3:

It happens to me on occasion. If you go to “More Settings” then click Forums, that usually works for me.

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It is a known issue :sweat_smile: go reply there.

I’ve tried that and it ask me to sign in from there too. I’ve deleted and reinstall the app too and that too did not help.

:sweat_smile:, didn’t even notice there was a post on the issue already. Big oops on my part.

Tbh if you read that post, its said that after reinstalling that issue comes up and i was affected with it but it stopped eventually after few times.

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Cool, thanks

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