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So I’ve been playing since October of 2016 but just recently been active in the forums after the 4.0 debacle, one thing I’ve noticed is it’s hard to keep track of everything PG administration say like Crisis, Jared and Arelyna say on the forums.

Other games both mobile and desktop will have a feature on their forums called Dev Tracker which allows the users to keep track of everything that any administrators post on the forums.

This is incredibly useful for many reasons…

#1 it allows the players to keep track of any resolutions to issues or any statements made in response to questions so the players don’t miss out on knowing that account sharing isn’t using multiple accounts on the same device without needing to ask Jared the same question 10 times or knowing that the server issue we’re all having is being looked at without having to surf through 50 posts.

#2 it allows for transparency between PG and the players because we’ll be able to see everything PG is saying.

#3 it holds PG accountable for any posts made on the forums because then they’ll be right there front and center and there won’t be any confusion about what was or wasn’t said by any admin.

Posts get made and sometimes they get a response and a day later they’re pushed way down the list of posts. If it was something that maybe someone else is having the exact same issue with it might cut down on that next guy making a new post to ask the same question if he can view what the devs are saying quick and easily and see that O hey, Crisis responded to this same issue yesterday.

Just my suggestion.

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This option is available, if you click on my name, it comes up as a business card. Click on it again, and you’ll get to my profile. Listed under “Activity” you can find my criminal record.

While it is a way more convenient and comfortable option you proposed, apart from those with the titles like “Aficiawhatever”, “Respected” and so on, who on earth would use it? To be honest with you it’s not fashionable these days to use the SEARCH function anywhere. Raise a question instead, and let someone else do the research for you.

Waiting for the roasted pigeon to fly into one’s mouth

This is a forum. Fashion has nothing to do with it.

And going the method you suggested is more work than should be necessary and you’d still have to find a post from a Dev and even then only see his/her posts instead of every Dev.


This was suggested before and they were looking into it, but no reults so far:

@PGJared probably hardly at the top of your list, but is there any news about whether this is doable in this forum system?

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