Forum Suggestion: Subforums


@PGJared and @Arelyna,

I’d like to propose the following forums:

Community Help

  • All “questions” about the game would go here first. This would allow the player base to answer a lot of questions newer players have.
  • This is especially needed to the wide access players now have the the forums (yay)
  • This would allow the unnecessary workload and tagging of PG employees to be better managed
  • Allow mods to move any questions to a separate forum, which brings me to…

PG Help

  • Allow no topics be started here. They can only be moved by mods (once selected) to this forum.
  • Cuts down on the workload and shifting through nonsense for PG employees
  • Once moved, no further replies can be given except by PG employees and mods

Report a Bug

  • Creating a thread prompts a form (or we could just require users to use a form) so players can report bugs since we love to do that so much.
  • Replies enabled as long as the reply posts 1) how to work around the bug or 2) more details on what they see with the bug. Superfluous posts are deleted.

Ideas and Creativity

  • If people want to share neat things or ideas about new features they would like to see.


  • A place where players can say their strong emotions on a subject (old divines) where PG employees and the rest of us can avoid if we don’t want to be dragged into the long discussion.
  • I mostly just think we need a way to avoid the constant circle crap. Not my favorite idea here, but I thought I’d share it in case it sparks ideas.


As the forums are becoming more and more used we need to be able to sift through things, ESPECIALLY repeated questions from less experienced players.

Also, we need mods!


No PG thoughts here after seeing the numerous questions asked over and over?


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