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Often I am following threads that i only care about if a PG employee comments. Could you consider making it show up differently when an official has made a comment? Perhaps add a red ring around the blue dot (that indicates how many new posts there have been).



Sounds useful!

Another game forum I follow (SWToR) has a special page called “dev tracker” containing all dev posts/responses from all threads. Maybe something like that could be implemented here as well?


Can you just filter by the employee(s) you want and see their activity?

Like this?

ya that’s not an convenient as a simple visual aide though. Especially since there are a lot of admins.

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agreed. I setup a bookmark for each. Hopefully not considered stalking. :slight_smile:

I’d like something like that as well (and/or Mike’s), found it very useful on other forums :smiley:. It’d be like a combination of all the activity pages.

There’s also some inconsistency with whether people get the little dragon badge or not on the avatars, as PGEggToken has, if a name is prefixed with PG, etc.

It’s something we’ve looked at. Can’t promise anything at this time.

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