Forum was supposed to be migrated so where are the old threads?


There were a lot of useful old threads on the old forum such as a newbie guide, some interesting discussions on base building etc. My understanding was that all old posts would be migrated to this new platform? Is that not happening now? @PGJared

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I had the same question in mind.
Where are all the threads?
Why are all our forum accounts reset?

I had close to 1000 posts, one of my threads was even a sticky, now I have:
0 topics created
0 posts created


You need to access the old forum pages here >
Old Forums


They said they’re going to work on that still, at least some of the more recent threads from the old forums, but the migration itself essentially failed. iirc, PG hired a third party company to do the migration and that company didn’t deliver as promised, so PG staff themselves put these up (and did a mighty fine job, too!) in a hurry to get us something.


Was thinking specifically of ur sticky when I created this post @MareZ!


I know legolas. My query is that these were supposed to be migrated over so we can continue discussions. Old forum is read only now.


Didn’t know PG had to hack this together last minute. Thanks.





Our original intent was to migrate everything over, but due to us having to create this instance of the forum anew, we’re weighing the benefits of actually moving over all that data (most of which are old no-longer-relevant discussions). We’re not closing the old forum for several months so that forumers have the opportunity to refer back to the most important discussions there and bring them in to this new forum. I for one am in the camp of “out with the old, in with the new”, but we’re open to hearing about your thoughts on this. What should be moved over?


@PGEggToken thanks for replying. To start with:


I agree; if anything did move over, I’d imagine relevant sticky threads and any resource threads still current. Any threads that enrich rather than muck up.


We’re definitely migrating some threads over manually because they’re a benefit to the community and because I don’t want to re-write a bunch of our informative posts. Whether we migrate them all in bulk is still up for discussion.


Migrate everything. Especially since you are retiring the old forum. It’s a knowledge base.


I’ve moved EE vs SE to here. :smiley:


Out with the old!


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