Forums and suspicious accounts

What is the real reason why PG are so completely against communication in the forums when an account gets accused of being misused/altered or manipulated.

It clearly states in the “Terms of Services” that “the user” doesn’t own the “Account” but merely have a “Limited License” to gain access to Pocket Gems services.

The privacy policy agreement is for the protection of personal information of “the user” and does not refer to the “Account” information. As long as no personal information of “the user” of the “Account” is published or shared there are no breach of the agreement between Pocket Gems and “the user”. [Personal information can include, for example, an individual’s first and last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or credit card number.]

It also clearly states that “User Content” that you make available in connection with the Service is not confidential and that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your own Account.

[The Service may invite or enable you and other users to create, submit, record, post, display, transmit, perform, publish or distribute communications (including but not limited to voice communications), content and materials (including without limitation text, writings, photographs, graphics, images, comments, chat text, personally identifiable information, etc.), including by making the foregoing available to Pocket Gems and other users of the Service, whether via e-mail or through online forums, chat rooms or features, message boards, messaging services, blogs or other functionality of the Service or portions thereof (collectively, “User Content”).]

It does however state that, [Pocket Gems has no obligation to accept, display, review, maintain or otherwise exploit any User Content], which is the only reason I could find why they are so hesitant in letting the community get involved in cramping down the constant and alarming increase of hacking and manipulation of “Accounts”

This however implies that, it’s not because of the terms of services that PG forbids forum users to post questionable “Account” in the forums but merely because they are not “obligated” to get involved and review the allegations against such an Account.

If the players are addressed in a less hostile and threatening manner when revealing possible wrong-doings in the game we can actually be the greatest anti hacking method, if PG immediately investigate the alleged “Accounts” and publish the results it will either put a end to future suspicions or help others to know what is not “as intended”.

If there is no wrongdoing from “the user” on the “Account” there will be no reason for constant arguments to flare up either. It will be posted, audited, published and closed immediately.

We can get the hacking under control and possibly reduce the numbers of new hackers drastically without breaching any agreements as long as PG doesn’t reveal the personal information of the person behind the account.


Such threads are pointless is the thing, they shouldn’t be on forums at all. Unfortunately most of us feel the in game reporting process is a joke and out of frustration we come here.

There are so many known cheaters yet nothing seems to be done… the odd wave does nothing. One of the recent players banned was back within a day with a new account. he didn’t even have the decency to hide who he was… this creates frustration.

but i stand by 2 things here:

  1. that call-out threads should not be on forums,
  2. PG needs to put more effort into investigating reported cheaters swiftly and enforce their own rules in a prompt manner.

Let’s not forget the fact that all of these “witch-hunt threads” can become utterly useless once the questionable account holder sees it:

They change their name and “Hello! Goodbye.” Without any unique (permanent) ID these accounts can be pretty hard to trace.

If it’s just a visual glitch, and there is nothing fishy involved, then it’s simply very rude to accuse anyone with anything.

There are proper, discrete channels to report such, and I feel the need to rephrase Red:

If you have concerns about a player in game - whether it be their messages, posts, behavior, or legitimacy of their account - and think they are breaking the Terms of Service (TOS) please report them in game!

You can report from chats by clicking their name and pressing the report button that also has the ability to block the player. For messages, you can block the player and screenshot the message to attach in a report. In general, you can file a report by clicking settings (looks like a cog) and pressing “contact us”.

PG usually clears cheaters off the leaderboard before prizes are distributed as well. Tagging @Arelyna and @PGJared for visibility. However, calling out specific people isn’t what we do here. Please make sure a ticket is filed in game.


I’m not against calling out cheaters but damn pg and the mods definitely need to be consistent with enforcing their rules on the call out threads.

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true and if they are going to allow them can we have its own section… and if not they need to shut them down fast and not making comments that seem to validate the existence of the thread to begin with.

Are you referring to this post?

Frankly, I dunno why people are getting bent about it since it could be a glitch like the vampiric touch one and should be investigated. There could be certain factors that make the dragon go wonky. My poor Sekhem spells get out of wack when it calls up a lightning spell. Poor Crisis, if I had her job … I’d quit. :confused:

that’s the most recent one… yes.

You’re being unfair Mike. :roll_eyes:

I personally like the call out threads. I like Mike’s idea about a sub-forum for them.

Some of the forum is meant to be informative, some is productive, but some is just for entertainment. I think if we can get 2 or more accomplished at a time, it’s a win/win.

Obviously not all will be legit, but some will be, and a good percentage of them will be really, really funny :smile:


I am listening… how so? Why should a player and its team be slandered publicly when we dont know for sure what happened. IF they did indeed cheat they should be banned. plain and simple. I do think PG needs to make an effort to investigate and ban when needed faster than they do. But forums dont need to be involved.

I also think when PG looks into an account and clears it, it should be said so publically and/or at lease to the person doing the reporting, and to the account itself.

haha i dont actually want such a sub forum… but if call outs are going to be allowed then yes lets isolate them to a sub forum… what would we call it though?

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Yeah I know - just giving you credit for the sub forum idea :beers:

I have lots of ideas on what to call it, but most don’t fall into a PG-13 level of acceptable.

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Reread Crisis’ reply, she thinks it’s a glitch. The other peeps are the ones thinking it’s cheating.

Perhaps you are right. But i read that whole thread as a call out… which should have been closed IMO.

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I’m honestly not sure what it is, but I know it’s not the intentional way that Destar should be acting. It could very well be a cheat that was hacked into the game, but I won’t rule out that it’s a glitch on our side, either.


The wall of shame? Kind of like at the US post office (maybe others)?

I would hope a user can’t change their IGN without PG being able to find all aliases used by a certain pocket ID in order to melt into the shadows as questioned by others.

Hopefully in your “investigation” you’ll notice this player also leveled like 20 times yesterday… a day after fort ended…


@PGCrisis in a very short period of time at that lol

I guess this is the point. As much as I hate cheaters, there has been too much finger-pointing going on. The problem is that most players don’t have the ability to tell whether an anomaly is the result of a “cheat” or a “glitch”. Just because you are seeing something that is “wrong”, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically a cheat.
That’s why we need to stop publicly flaming people and turn this stuff in to PG through the proper channels. I know it’s frustrating that PG isn’t able to respond to these requests as quickly as we would like, but that’s a whole different issue.
I do hope PG will let us know the result of their investigation on this one since it has been made public already. We’ll all know if he gets banned anyway. lol


They did the same thing with Morthil I believe…a low lvl Morthil as it’s resist wasn’t unlocked yet

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