Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


Hey everyone!

As the Forums community continues to grow, and with plenty of work ahead for War Dragons in 2019, we are once again opening up applications for new forum moderators. The mods we have and have had in the past are some of the most important contributors to making the forums a great place to converse with your fellow Dragon Lords, and we encourage anyone interested (including previous mods) to apply. Plus, you get a fancy MOD badge for being a moderator, how cool is that?

Now for the legal stuff: Just to be clear, participating on the Forums as a moderator is a voluntary role and not a formal employed position of Pocket Gems in any way. Moderators will be required to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as they will have direct access to PG staff (like myself, Arelyna, and Jared) and administrative permissions on the Forums itself. Moderators will be expected to abide by the same Forum rules that all players must abide by.

To apply, please complete the questionnaire below, which includes the following information on:

  1. Why you want to be a moderator.
  2. The forum account name you’ll be using. We know a lot of folks use alts on the Forums so we want to confirm which one you plan to use for moderator purposes.
  3. What time-zone you’re in.
  4. What languages you speak.

Complete this Questionnaire to Apply:


I’ll apply. I use this account, I’m EST. I speak English and bad English. And I want to be moderator so I can silence those who annoy me and so I can make myself unsilenced every time a PG member silences me… also I don’t do questionnaires.

Let me know when my application has been approved :blush:


@OrcaFrost it’s your time to shine.


Does it come with the ability to undo forum bans? :innocent:


I was thinking about that guy, Panda


Your old app was so much fishier.


No, it does not.


While we appreciate the interest, we’re accepting serious applications to this only.


Whoever reads my last answer, I hope they will get the joke.


While I would love the power that comes with being a mod (muahahahahaha :smiling_imp:), the role just has too much time commitment for my liking. And I like to do a good job.

Good luck!




Think it would be good for everyone to know what this entails before signing up. @PGCrisis


I’d actually enjoy the job, but definitely uncomfortable with having to share some of the personal details. I know they’re probably required by PG for legal purposes, but I quit out of the tab by the time I hit the “Full Legal Name” question.

Ah, well. There are better-qualified, more-experienced options anyway.


I kinda feel the same way :laughing: already busy playing with my main account and testing things in the GPF :eyes:


In order to sign an NDA, it is required that we have your full legal name since it is a legal document. That’s the only reason why we need this.


Are you saying I would not be a good moderator? Very few people stalk, I mean read, the forums as much as I.


I’m 52.5-56 hrs a week for a regular job, how about you?

That’s no lie


:thinking: not having fixed hour, but have several project to manage…


I applied to make sure there’s an option to pick besides Mike. :grin:


Does it come with the ability to read other players private messages? :innocent: