Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


More happened

These are noticeable. I’m sure there are more around , just not visible enough


I agree I laugh at a few and think do I want to be on the dark side? :blush:


The answer is yes :joy:


I know, but I think those are special cases for uncertain reasons :grin: I have a few ideas why though…


Ah, okay. Was just curious


Hey everyone! Forums moderator acceptance letters have just been mailed out. Fear not if you did not receive one! We took a look at every application and had to slim down our choices to top applicants. There were a lot of you who applied and the decision was quite tough! We spent multiple hours considering each applicant, and we have a running list of those who just barely missed this cutoff. In the event that a currently accepted member leaves or denies the invitation, we may reach out to you to see if you are still interested.

Please get in touch with Arelyna or I if you have any questions. Thank you to everyone who applied! :slight_smile:


It shows on the avy (flair) & to the right of the name.


Congrats to those whom were selected!!!


Haven’t been updated?


They are probably waiting to see which applicants actually accept their offer (maybe someone changed their mind between applying and now and no longer wants to be a mod? :thinking:)


Only if they’re smart. :wink:


So I didn’t win :cry:


It was a contest? :joy::joy:


I wonder who will be in the FM group… so exciting!


I think you forgot mine. :eyes:


Congratulations to those that were chosen.


Congratulations to those picked!


Congratulations :eyes:


Congrats to the people i know have been picked, some good selections i’ve seen :slight_smile:


I envy you for knowing… I am so curious I can’t sleep.

Even so, congrats to the new mods :blush: