Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


Did you get picked? I know you were practicing a lot. :crazy_face:


I am sure we’ll all be surprised when the Ladies announce the new mods.

Just be patient (like me)


Sounds like a yes. :crazy_face:


What means this patience?


On another note. Why did Psarus resign?


It was by personal request. I don’t want to speak too much on it since I’m sure he has his own reasons. He’s been on the mod team for literal years, and we really appreciate everything he’s contributed during his time. :slight_smile:


Hope things are well for him too.
Also, hope PG recruits enough for his part too.




@PGCrisis, not gonna announce this?

@PoseidonPQ you sure are greedy :grin::+1:

Update the image again, as I’m too fast…


You might want to check the mod group again :eyes:


:scream: It’s not done yet?


There are at least 2 mods missing from your screen shot. Dunno if there will be more than that :upside_down_face:


I was in the process of getting everyone their Forums Moderator status, but now we can announce the mods in earnest! Expect a new thread in just a moment. :slight_smile:


So I totally rememberd to go back and flag my post as off topic :rofl:


I’ll probably need to be extra careful with off-topic myself, I sometimes get carried away :sweat_smile:




I only flagged the one I said I’d flag :joy:


all of my posts then?


:thinking: Should I be flagging all your posts? They usually seem like they don’t need to be flagged :slight_smile:


secretly hoping that I’m not under watch…



Actually, you are now… :rofl:

Ok ok I’ll be a good mod and flad myself as off topic :yum: but honestly, you’re fine Orca :wink:

@forScience too late :joy: