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I’ll be running some tests on mod responsiveness… :eyes:


Can you at least wait until I’ve finished catching up with the rest of my forum reading? :joy:


I already did(, though was going to before but forgot about it); Lutrus won :smiley:


He is fast, before I finished reading the request it was done.

Was all ready to try something for the first time and I blinked.


I’m still learning how to use these new mod spells, and it’s going to take a while until I can fly with my own mod wings :yum:


I know what you mean. I’m worried I’ll accidentally do something and break the forums :scream::see_no_evil:


been there, done that.


Same :scream::exploding_head: but we’ll learn together :hugs:


I’ve banned all of Singapore before on a forum, but people got so angry that the ban evader stopped their spam :innocent:

Discourse seems a bit lighter on some functions vs the older ones.


starts typing away on the computer with about 15 coding languages

Better hope there’s no nasty surprises :ghost::space_invader:

In the meantime, i better get back to testing the response speed of a group of certain people


Sci always steals my thunder…


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I will be using my main account I speak English and the reason why I won’t to join is because I’m tired of being in the low life zone I want to stand tall and be proud and of course to put a end to some of my builles I’m also in California.


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