Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


You seem a bit power hungry buddy. Everything ok? :rofl:


I think the root is moderate :thinking:


I can see it now, MikeModer8sDisForum


I was thinking “AngryMod”


that would be your tag


Cant we both be mods?


Yeah maybe we can balance each other out. :grin:


You mean like, I laugh at the “flagged” posts, while you look at me and say “No, Mike, that was awfully inappropriate.” Then I say “lol ya it was awsome! That other guy was so stupid!” Then you go “mike!” Then I go “fine I’ll delete it and silence him”. Then you go. “Mike did you only silence him for 1 hour? For that he should have been permanently banned”… then I respond “ya but it was too funny for such a harsh punishment, this will do”

Yup we would make a good team.


Love it. :rofl:


Why dont you want to be a moderator.

extra work for nothing



I would love to moderate, working at home I am online all the time anyways, But there is a difference in speaking my mind as a member and being a moderator. But I do that daily with my job doing tech support. There are many times I would love to tell someone off but have learned work and my opinion working are two different things.


@OrcaFrost is the best candidate , if she hasnt applied pg should send her an invite


A few questions

  1. Is the moderator tag required on the account moderating?
  2. Is there a time commitment/requirement? I probably spend enough time already but depending on what the commitment is I may or may not be interested
  3. Does the NDA apply to information learned via other groups or indirect sources, or would the NDA only apply to information obtained from performing the role of moderator?


I would prefer to see Mecheng, posts closed fast and maintaining people on topic


or Lutrus with ninja skill


För what I’ve heard he could easily blink some posts and leave 1-3 people angry :joy::joy:


Have to sign a NDA agreement :eyes:

Y’all really are against teens :joy::unamused:


So it’s a non-disclosure agreement agreement?


No, just you. :slightly_smiling_face: