Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


Well that’s a given


I’d get fired in less than 24 hours.

Edit - but it would be one hell of a ride :smiling_imp:

Another Edit - Yes, I applied :fire::smiling_imp::fire:


Should I or should I not?, nope, lmao


A good mod spends a lot of time on the forums.

A free loading mod spends a few minutes every day tops.

To be perfectly honest, it’s a frustrating job and the more often you’re on, the better. I hope they will bring in at least 2-3 people, as I burned out insanely fast. One person doing this job isn’t enough. Honestly, @LizDrakemoor you’re the perfect candidate:


Ah, if you think I’m the perfect candidate maybe I’ll throw in an application :laughing:

Edit: Application has been submitted :partying_face:


@jb4WAR 4 moderator!


Although I don’t wanna see @LizDrakemoor burn out. So by that logic, @MikeH8sDisGame for mod :wink::joy:


If I feel getting close to burn out I’ll let PG know I need a few days vacation :laughing:


If multiple mods are active, it should work. Plus Liz is online all the time anyways :joy:


Truthfully I’ve never known a forum to have such a minimal amount of mods. I somewhat understand as there’s sensitive information relating to a game which holds monetary value to a lot of people.
But it’s also a damn big game, where people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of the forums. I have to agree with you, 2 designated “mods” seems rather small, even with the PG staff that visit the forums.

To add to that, having the application period be until after Christmas seems somewhat backwards. With PG openly being on “holiday staffing” I would’ve thought this might be pushed a little quicker.


Maybe “all the time” is a bit much. I think it’s been like half an hour since my last check in? Silly OCD makes me keep coming back to see what’s new on the forums :eyes:


Gotta keep up with the threads you’re following :eyes:


I feel as though they arnt taking my application seriously lol

Probably for the best as I doubt they could afford my services.


You’re probably the only one who reads every thread…


Every thread that’s not in the Recruitment section :rofl:


You would be a good moderator Jonesy unless you write emails, you do get a bit long winded😜

Liz, Orca, and a couple others here would be excellent moderators as well.


Thanks! I may be a little too honest and “harsh” for PG’s tastes though :man_shrugging:

But, you can’t complain about the job someone is doing (or not doing) if you didn’t take the opportunity to get the job yourself, so we shall see :joy:


There’s a recruitment section? Who knew :man_shrugging:


Being a mod will increase your read time Liz :rofl::rofl::rofl: and laugh in the recruitment section


There have been several times were I’ve had to do an @ moderators “This needs to be moved to the recruitment section” :rofl: