Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


My read time is already 40 days :rofl: Does it really need to get longer? :joy::rofl::joy:


Are you asking players to be moderators? What exactly would one look for? Would you have to leave the team you are on to be a moderator?


I don’t see how your team in the game is relevant.


You know you’re on the ball when you’re the one to @ moderators for a “bring old season dragons back” thread :joy:


Liz is legit the best choice for Mod. She’s on all the time, reads everything, and is way less mean than me.


You say that as though mean is a bad trait :eyes:


That feels a bit off to me. This would be a volunteer position with no compensation yet personal information and legal document agreements are required?
For the headaches and time required to properly moderate. I’d definitely pass on that.


I had to sign an NDA for GPF so signing a different one for mod stuff is no biggie for me :joy:


I usually read just about everything: even the recruitment threads whenever I’m bored. I’m quite a fast reader due to reading high level books when I was little. I better start reading random textbooks


too much work :rofl::rofl::rofl:
my read time is down and i am so happy about it


I might be tempted to do that except I’ve picked up reading Manga again so I’d rather do that than read recruitment section when I’ve caught up with main forum reading :joy:


I’m tempted to read old threads for fun, but am currently reading Stephen King’s new book, The Outsider.


yeah screw forums, there are lot of good manga.
(secretly refer to my own name ) :hugs:


I know where your name comes from. Just can’t wrap my mind around the right answer

You’d be a pretty good mod though, Liz


One Piece


There we go! That’s where I remember it from

I’m hoping to be come a mod but probably won’t. I’m never that lucky


If I get mod status I’m flagging this as off topic :joy::joy:


Thanks for the recommendation! Oh… you said Liz… traitor.


Oh your GPF? You suck up!


:joy::joy::joy: i wish you become mod!!!
It would be so much fun. I’m sure my reading time will increase again