Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


Do u ever sleep :eyes::rofl:


*need to remind myself to add one liner on topic statement…

@PGCrisis , do we have a vote?


Oh I sleep. The more appropriate question is do I ever work…


I have signed NDA before. I have been a moderator on three forums for games and other things so not to worried. It is just a guarantee that you won’t yap about things to others. I mean come on guys it is a business they don’t want you repeating what is said to you private it is common sense


A few key points on this thread…

  1. Mods need to be super active on forums
  2. Need more than a handful of mods. I reckon about 6 minimum.
  3. Liz makes a great mod.
  4. Mike makes a shite mod but he wants it.
  5. I’ll make an even worse mod than mike and I don’t want it.



Moderators requirement

  1. Super active (Liz)
  2. Creative (Tinsir)
  3. Persuasive ?
  4. Able to manage posts in archive ?


I’m hurt you don’t think I’d be a good candidate :cry:


I’m sure that’ll last for about a week once she has to deal with the driveling hordes PMing about how everything is unfair and mods are so “bias” :joy:


Thanks for the nomination but I will not be submitting an application. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahahah :joy:


If players could have a vote, I vote mikeh8s in as mod.


Life is unfair :laughing: As for the mod bias thing… well it’s a lot easier to like someone who’s nice rather than to like someone who is being rude and won’t stop complaining about things that PG’s already said isn’t going to happen :joy:


It is true, the main problem with GPFers is that we suck up. Our voices are usually hoarse from singing PG’s praises too damn hard. I’m gonna go start a throat lozenge recommendation thread in our secret lair.

I appreciate the rec. :slight_smile: But I don’t think creativity is a virtuous quality in a mod on this sort of forum. People like to have a set of rules they can follow to avoid having any Batman music aficionados mess around with their posts.

If selected, I pledge to be incredibly boring with my moderation! :eyes:


Lol I hope you know I was kidding


On a psychological and social level it intrigues me that anyone would want to moderate these forums.
Masochism? Feeling of power and control? Too much free time? An undying optimism and hope that you will actually make a serious difference and truly help improving the game?

I’m just curious but whatever it is…I hope it makes you happy.
Good luck!



My reasons were that @ModMat couldn’t do it alone and the forums were a ball if wrong categories and duplicate topics.


You think Red is mean? Jared a jerk? You have no idea what I’m capable of.

It’s a shame I’m too busy. :rofl:


Well… maybe they should pay people to do it.
It is the volunteers (specially at this point in time) that intrigue me.


For me I just hated seeing disorder.


That’s what finally prompted me to apply :laughing: