Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


Cant we just clone Red and speed this thing up?


I’m really curious who gonna be accepted :popcorn::joy_cat:
Hopefully,it will be someone who we knew for a few years,so they will be able to give a fair judgment here)
Good luck to everyone who applied!:four_leaf_clover::heart:
We need someone who will clean up this forum and make it civil again(at the end of the day it’s official forum,not a line room,where ppl shouldn’t control themselves)


I bit the bullet and filled an application


I feel you! I’m totally in for dictatorship everywhere :speak_no_evil:
Word “rules” makes my heart beats faster :star_struck::heart_eyes:
I think I’ve been doing a nice job,taking care about 500 ppl GlobalWD room)
Obviously not gonna apply


:joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: you funny :smiling_imp:
I could put my name in

nah if I had the time a MOD would be great, their pizzas are delicious!!


@PGCrisis? @Arelyna?


:thinking: I don’t think so.
I think moderator can’t, but admin can…


Note “administrative permissions”


Now if mods got enough free packs to reduce the amount of time I grind in the game, I would consider it. I doubt that is the case though.

Seriously Mods should get something for their time. Packs aren’t real, so it’s not really “pay”, just saying.

I vote for both Liz and Mike, I think they’d be a great team.





Thanks for confirming Red.
I read from discourse meta, that only admins do (or if the mods are given more privy, but it’s unlikely)


The only time I ever saw a PM was when someone reported the message for inappropriate conduct. Otherwise mods have no ways of seeing PMs unless invited, like everyone else.


I submitted an application since I always seem to be looking for more to do with my time…While i don’t speak in the forums often, I read and follow pretty much every post thanks to the slightly OCD aspect of having “unread posts” showing. Liz would be the perfect fit but I agree with Red, they should add several as the work required could get quite time consuming. Fingers crossed whomever they choose isn’t alone in the process!


Well I think mods should get something for their time.


They do


Well guess I won’t be applying. :innocent:


Your time is worth more than PG could give, honestly. People doing mod stuff shouldn’t be doing so for rewards, as it won’t be enough. That’s like saying a teacher should teach for the time off.


wouldn’t hurt for them to at least try…



As much as I think the mods deserve it, the moment there are rewards for doing something people who shouldn’t apply will. The last thing we need are certain people applying for modship and getting it.
And if it’s small enough not to encourage those people it’s probably not worth it