Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


You don’t? I’d love the holidays! /s


You get the piece of mind in knowing you contribute to the community and can aid your OCD.

You also get the badge and recognition.

But I firmly believe if you give out rewards for it, you will get people who just want the rewards and not necessarily good mods.

(I know a bunch of people who applied to CF just to get the portrait, not saying they were accepted, or that they weren’t, but you see what I mean hopefully)


Well your right, there is the risk of people doing it just for the rewards. But its not hard to monitor what they are doing (or not doing). In fact the mods can see how many posts the other mods have read, how many threads were closed and how many people were silenced. Those tools are already there. I also dont see any real reason a player should want to do it without rewards. Why act as slaves to assist PG? Are they really worthy of such?

You say they do it to “contribute to the community”… but isn’t that what CF does? Yet they get rewards for it… I fail to see the difference here, unless you think the CF should no longer get rewards?


I think people shouldn’t do it for massive, game changing rewards as that won’t happen. There are an insane amount of people who should never become a mod, and a good number of people who would be great mods. The apathetic ones are the ones who would make horrid mods, as we don’t need another mod who does nothing just sitting around. Then again, the passionate will burn out after reading the sheer number of absolutely bull shit flags people make, the number of wrong category posts, duplicate topics, etc.


But there is a middle ground. But you right it wont ever happen as PG doesn’t value a players time, like at all.


Maybe I should withdraw my application then


If it is just one person, you guys will burn out. I hope @PGCrisis hires 2-3 really active people to avoid this.


Or 10.

I’ve always though it was odd how few moderators are here compared to other forums in on.

I don’t count Crisis, Arelyna or Jared as mods. Their focus should be solely in communication, not sorting through our bull malarkey. :rofl:


People who abuse/are too dumb to use forum features correctly should just be banned :woman_shrugging: - various other forums, both much larger and much smaller, do it.


I’m lazy, hit or miss on attendance and sometimes I just like to zone out. Pick me! Pick me!

In all seriousness do what ya do and enjoy.




Aww… c’mon @mechengg… You could then become “Modcat”! :grin::+1:


Okay I like modcat at a title lol. You got me there :smirk_cat:


I’m just posting here that I applied because I’ve been wanting to help as a mod for a while. I’m not writing comments every day but I read the forum whenever I can. However I fear I haven’t been as active here as a few people who applied :sweat_smile:… That’s really impressive :exploding_head:


Yes. Whichever account you want to use to moderate will have the badge.

No, no time commitment at all. We recognize that this is a volunteer position so we aren’t going to ask you submit hours or anything like that.

Can you clarify what you mean by “other groups or indirect sources”? It does cover the latter part (based on information obtained from being a mod).

Red’s right. In addition to Arelyna and myself (and Jared on the rare occasion) from PG, it takes a team to have eyes on the Forums in a fully complete way. We rely on every mod to help each other out, and we want mods to be as supported as possible, which is why we’re open for new recruits!

Yes, this is 100% the plan. It won’t be one additional mod. We’re really looking to fill a proper team so everyone is supported.

I KNEW IT!! :womans_hat:


I would…

:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

(That’s me, 5-:fire:ing the forums)


I hope complete inactivity is frowned upon though. A mod is only as useful as their activity.

Glad to hear it!


Fantastic. I myself spend probably too much time on the forums, but go through times I barely spend any due to work or whatever. So it was more a question of expectations and less about obligations. I myself would only make a good mod if there was a few others (glad to hear the plan is to get several new mods)

I sent a pm with two specific examples, but it was more if it only applied to information learned form moderating or if it covers other PG information. (I don’t currently have an NDA signed for PG)


Will we see a new moderator soon or has this been delayed?


Guess PG went on a big vacation for a bit