Forums Moderator Applications are Open!


You aren’t the only one! My OCD refuses to allow the blue dot for new posts or unread posts to stay for more than 30 seconds. So while I read everything, I rarely reply to topics with the exception of the word change game, that’s addicting. Lol


Soo, just wondering if this was still on the table or if you guys got sidelined by the spell scaling problems…

(I’m kinda really hoping that I get chosen as one of the new mods.)


@Arelyna I was wondering who too since we hadn’t heard any more since the beginning or the week.


Sidelined by 4.94 (and honestly some heavy lifting on the 2019 discussion threads) was definitely the case here. :slight_smile: We’ll try to get something out today, but in all likelihood we will be sending out responses next week. Apologies for the delay!


Liz you are as close to a given as possible I would imagine! Looking forward to seeing who is selected also (with a slim bit of hope I also get picked)


Would we look for a forum mail or an email at the address we provided in the application we filled out?


Look for a message that we’ll send to your e-mail address! :slight_smile:


I have my acceptance speech prepared.


Change your username, right now.
#jb4Mod :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I hope you applicated too



Thanks. I’m not applying though :sweat_smile:


Change my name?! :scream:


Nah, I mean for Jb…




And if I get to be a new mod, should I be ModRabbit?


I’ve already had my custom forum title ready for weeks :blush:


I’m sure that my character Liz Drakemoor would be most unhappy with me if I did that to her name :rofl: She’s already not overly fond of me for what I’ve put her through lol.


How’s everyone getting custom forum titles these days?


Congratulations guys :sunglasses:


Not everyone. We were just told moderators get a special badge.

I assumed it meant chosen moderators will get the chance to get a custom one, since all moderators I knew had a special title (Red “Overlord”, Modmat “I’m watching you”, Psarus “Modasaurus”).

From this I see no reason why the new ones shouldn’t get one :yum:

@Empress no one has been chosen yet as far as I know :neutral_face: Unless I didn’t get picked :fearful: