Forums not loading

It has happened twice now the forums trying to load but just doing nothing. I talked to a group in game about it then tried again and got in to post some. I got off then back on shortly after and messed up again.

I haven’t updated iOS to 12.1.4 yet, this causing issues with forums only? Everything else is fine, email, apps, online, everything besides the forums online or in game… wanted to post this to see what’s happening.

It’s a hit and miss thing unfortunately. Sometimes Discourse randomly hops offline for some people but not others.

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I thought pg finally banned me( again )

Discourse? I’m fine on my laptop, but just tried on iPhone in Safari and in-game, just blank white screen.

Sorry, Discourse is the forums software that is used for our forums.

So is it platform independent?

You should be able to use it fine on all platforms (in-game, mobile, desktop, etc)

Hmm well not working on iPhone at the moment …

Its been finicky over the past ~24ish hours. Randomly not loading, not letting me edit or like posts, not being able to upload pictures. I wait 15 minutes and it’s better or a different problem has been swapped in.

:scream: No likes from Mechcat? :cry:


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