Forums QoL: "Warning" for duplicate topics

Hey @HAWK,

On desktop, the “your topic is similar to” list pops up. On mobile, this does not show. Is it possible to have a pop-up or screen show this list when players press post, with a confirmation screen or something?


I seem to get it red.

From in game? Are you on a tablet or phone? I don’t get it on my phone via browser or game.

Not everyone does. I want it enbled for EVERYONE!!! Doesn’t matter if they are on mobile view or not. I want people to actually SEE that “yes, your brilliant idea has in fact been discussed many times before, and maybe there is a reason why all those past threads are closed.”

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Ah ok just checked, I can get it on my iPad but not on my phone.
Either way the suggestion is definitely a positive.


I think it might be a real-estate issue.

Right for sure. I was hoping we could see a “wait, there is a similar topic” once a player presses post, similar to how it says “are you sure this is a full sentence?”

I hate that warning :unamused:


Had to add extra secret character everytime I have those…

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HI ya. Jared is correct – this is a screen real estate issue on mobile. There’s not much we can do about that I’m afraid!

Not even a second screen, such as when we get the warning “not enough characters” or whatnot?

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I’m not sure of all the details but AFAIK the decision was made for pretty solid reasons but if you’re keen to reopen the discussion then the best way to do that is by jumping over to – that’s where we plan the product roadmap.

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