Found a funky wood glitch

So I have a full storage 900 and whatever thousand. Teammate asks for 100k I send it. Here’s where it comes in, I’m full so I have another 100k ish in my mill. I claim that after I send to fill it back up, and the amount in my mill goes up. So I’m basically giving away free wood. Noticed it sent a couple more to test it and it happens everytime. I went from 110k to 140k in my mill by sending away 75k :joy:

Pg I will accept a $20 pack or $100 as payment for turning this glitch in :wink::heart: Kidding kinda

Pics out of order, 3rd first, 1st is 2nd, 2nd is 3rd. 4th and 5th are after I claimed and shows the mill stays the same. Yea this time stayed the same but other times has gone up or only gone down 10k when sending 100k

Maybe because what is in the mill is before the elite bonus and any research?

Not quite sure what the pics are supposed to show, Confused :man_shrugging:

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Well yea but you should still lose some not nothing at all or go up? That doesn’t make any sense. I think the thing that’s messing with it is exactly that the research on elite, it pulls the right amount out to fill the space but then I get the research and elite bonus and everything that goes over just goes straight back in but then the resources that go in get the same bonus again when I use them

It showing that when I sent resources to open space and then claimed the resources out of my mill the resources in my mill don’t go down but my storage gets filled again

It’s probably the elite account filling it back up. Since it collects it all, adds elite, then kicks back any remainder to the mill

Also I haven’t looked at this too in depth so could be way off :see_no_evil:

That’s what I’m assuming as well :joy: but like if you just do this you get an elite bonus off of the elite bonus that gets tossed back into your mill. I got rid of over 300k wood testing it before I posted here and never dropped below 110k in that mill which is what I started with. Which means I basically got that 300k wood for free. I mean doesn’t matter I could loot that in 3 minutes but still. And you’re never going to be able to keep your base full during building events to do this which would be the only time this glitch would be of any use

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