Found home, ty!

Four super active people looking for a serious team with an active leader and officers. Must be very experienced in war protocol.
Sapphire team only and must have at least a couple 300+ players.
Levels 267, 168, 168, 166.

Hi Hen,
We are currently in sapphire 2 and are looking for 3 players to replace alts we have in the team. We are very organised with ambitions of going as high as we can. You would be asked to be active, complete all wars in waves, defend and have fun in tc. The team is skygodz. Check us out and mail us if you are interested.
Hope to see you soon,


So you’ve stormed out of your team again?

Yes, looking for one great team that excels in war protocol. I don’t mind losing to a good team, but when a team gives up and don’t even use the time for pracrtice…time to go. So if a team doesn’t even put up a good fight, please don’t reply. If you don’t train in waves or allow no shows to remain on team…please do not reply. If you allow slackers with “0” in events…please do not reply. I play hard, on all the time, spend money in events, usually always in top 5-10 in events. And yes, I do have high expectations which include a good damn active leader too!

Would need four. If you have Line, send me your profile name there. You can message me in game. Henhawk56. I have one team interested but will send info just in case.

What dragons do each of you have? I don’t have openings but perhaps that information would help.

Me, 168 - Kinn, Borg, Chim
267 - Kinn, Reynard, Chim
166 - Necryx, Anapa, Scorchil
168 - Necryx, Sekham, Tarand

I think she wanted to know what tier u guys were in the rest are okay but urs doesn’t say what tier of drags ur at now

Putting my Plats to breeding level during next event, feeding event. I got all my Plats during breeding event.

I got Obsidian stone on Chimerak.

Messaged you

Have not gotten one.

Weird. Just messaged you on Line too

Ok, see it up in profile pic. Will read it.

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