Found team; please close

Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: years
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: no
Dragon Roster Includes: Xul, Kinnarix, Sepulla
Tier: Arcanum

Looking for:
-Highly organized team and leadership
-Lots of castle bonuses
-Medium competition-- not to live on the game but not too relaxed; (so if any team from p1 to D1 fits the requirements it’ll work)
-8th and all quests
-As little wars as possible
-Chatty, engaged group


Vikingsdk is lovely this time of year.

8/8 in almost every event, still have improvements to make though lol.

Only 800 eggs a day from castles, and we are P2, but we have a low APR and plenty of targets to snipe or raid, which we do a lot of.
We have a great atmosphere and awesome teammates if your friend is interested.

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Peri is indeed looking for a player or 2 :slight_smile:
We aren’t quite 8/8 every week yet, but we are almost there. We do usually always get 10th level quest chest.
We don’t war hardly ever.
20 castles. 1516 egg tokens for atlas. With an additional 450 or something for P1 :slightly_smiling_face:

We are fairly talkive. To the point you might occasionally want to tell us to shut it. :rofl:

Monopoly forgot to include YY.

Pffttt I figured the waiting list was too long :man_with_probing_cane: I’ll remember next time

@moderators please close at your convenience; she was able to find a team. Thank you!