FOV increase and graphics tips

So I’m wondering if there is a way to increase what you can see because currently I do not like how focused my iPad is and it may be device or something, but I am really wondering if there is anyway to increase the amount of things that you can see when attack. For example if you ever watch a War Dragons attack video they are able to see the temple monument much better than I can so If anyone has any tips please leave them below.

I think it’s a device screen size thing


What Ingy said. It is the aspect ratios.

On my phone I have a wider FOV than on the tablet. The phone having a better aspect ratio than the tablet.


Yup, this is a device aspect ratio thing. Think of it like this. The iPhone is a widescreen view, the iPad is a normal screen view.

There is no way to change it. Upon doing some research, Apple requires all apps on their store to be usable in both aspect ratios for iPhone and iPad if it is going to be made for both. (You actually can limit it to one or the other I think as the developer, not the user.) What this means is that we can’t request the “widescreen” view of the IPhone on the IPad because Apple won’t approve it. (They outright say on their developer portal it must fill out the entire screen, no black above and below the usable portion of the application. Unless they changed it in the last year then I don’t know.) Android is another story, but this game is actually made for Apple and ported to Android so will probably never happen there either.

So sadly, if you want the widescreen version, you need to play the game on a phone.


Oh well sad to hear but thank you for the detailed explanation I’ll just have to keep wondering if I hit those monuments :joy:

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