Free Castles for any team without one

First of all, massive congratulations to every team that recently was granted atlas access.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, with the unfortunate state of atlas as it stands, getting your hands on a castle is no small feat.

Fortunately for some of you, a rather large alliance recently declared war on pirates, thinking they could somehow do anything to us with some in game farming, so due to this with the start of the new season, we are going to have some spare castles to give away to any team that mails me in game and doesnt currently own a castle.

People have been asking for a fix for atlas, and this is the start of it.


Not a pirate, but I like castles :eyes:

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Whole post is very wholesome, but this is what’s going to piss people off and get your kind gesture removed, just a heads up.


Unmm what :eyes:


Sweet! Enjoy while it lasts! :upside_down_face: :green_heart:


23 teams so far, maybe some I’ve not taken note of, but mostly around platinum league

Not planning on calling out any teams, the purpose of the post was to offer free castles to struggling teams, but no, I dont recall seeing that name anywhere


There’s 1 player with more troops than your entire team. Does that invalidate your team? No.

This was a kind gesture, they didn’t say they were going going to be giving out 14 bubble deep T5s, nor did they say it would go on forever.

Sit down.


Weird flex but okay.
It looked more to me like, it was coming out to the forums to subtly call out on this alliance, "who declared on them":face_with_monocle:

And yes a 600+ player with more troops than my team, if he plays smart, with more patience, he is surely capable of evicting my team if he wanted to.

Here,are these platinum teams taking a stance against this so called alliance. Or were they taking a stand against PG?
Will this even be noticed by PG?
Will this even be noticed by the alliance they are going to fight?

Unless the top diamond teams, take a stance, like they all drop their castles, we have some kind of a mass protest from the player base, PG isn’t going to " fix atlas " :face_with_monocle:

Atlas needs fixing, this ability for teams to form alliances, should be having less influence on the rest of the teams who are fighting probably solo battles or with lesser number of allies.

Access T4s for noob Plat4 teams = recipe for disaster


While I agree, the teams we intend to take them from are not strong teams, almost all are platinum teams and they’re likely 90% going to be access castles.
On the other hand, so many teams are pirates simply because they’re unable to take a castle, so while this is a small gesture, it’s a first step for a lot of them

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I wasn’t saying that we intend to go after the mega alliances, or that this is an attempt to fix atlas or get PGs attention, simply that we are playing reactively to constant attempted attacks from a small, mostly platinum league alliance, and in the process we will likely be claiming castles that we simply don’t want, I see this as an opportunity to help teams that are either new to atlas or don’t take weaker castles because they know their allies will take it back right away

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So I kinda dig this Robin Hood-esque move, but if you’re taking a castle from team Rich and giving it to team Poor, what’s going to stop Rich from taking it back from Poor? Are you offering protection as well?

What I fear is that Poor will be super-excited to move into their new digs and spend all sorts of rss to fortify their battlements, only to have Rich beat them up and take it back.

Not criticizing, as I appreciate the effort in helping noob teams get on their feet in Atlas. Just worried that getting a beat-down will ultimately make them even less enthused with Atlas.


will they take castles away from weak teams to give them away to new teams? or did I understand wrong?:thinking:

my English is bad

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That’s my take on it (and my English is pretty good), though my guess is that the teams they will take castles away from (Rich in my post) will still be stronger than the new teams (Poor).

my team is small. and to be honest for me pirates, sapphires and diamonds are the same. They attack me and I can’t hit back on any of them.:rofl::rofl:

it’s quite annoying and frustrating :neutral_face:


Sounded weird didnt? I mean… “I farmed xx plat teams. xx plat teams farmed me back. To re-revenge, I will take plat teams castles that farmed me because I farmed them and give the castles do xy teams”

Are you gonna defend these teams you give the castles?

  • Noooo! But if the former owner take back, Ill take again and give to xy again!

I’ll paraphrase a few: if you can’t stand being attacked, I suggest another game.

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In fact I think the intention of PG is to really spread the castles among the new teams anyway.

At least I don’t see news that there will be new areas/castles in the atlas.

So she brings in more teams, which start “pirates”. Teams with many exposed castles “can’t take” the losses anymore and start giving up castles, supposedly, in favor of these new teams.

Theoretically, instead of 100 teams having 6 castles exposed for example, we could have 200 teams with 3 castles. It would be even easier for each of these teams to defend themselves without really significant losses.

But I don’t know… just my opinion. But I can’t deny that it’s also a wish.

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We can’t offer protection to teams that get a free castle, but the teams aren’t so. Much rich teams, almost all near our league and in recent experience, no one really wants access castles ant those teams are really just focused on us, so I’m assuming they’ll be left alone for the most part, all we’re trying to offer is a foot in the door in effect, holding a castle is easier than taking one