Free Lumber? I'm confused


Has anyone else seen this happen?

I needed to steal wood for an egg token mission. I am full of lumber as usual so I sent away a max transfer and went on a run that showed 561k lumber available. When I finished the run I got 148k food but 0 lumber…

I went back to my home screen and it shows my storage at full capacity for lumber even though I just sent a transfer before the run. No transfers came in to me, hardly anyone else on my team was in game at the time.

I don’t know where this lumber came from. Anyone else getting free lumber added to their storage?


I’ve noticed a few updates ago that if you’re close to full on a rss, and you attack a base with said rss, if the amount of rss will put you at or over capacity, it will show as you getting 0 of said rss in the success screen, but as you described, it will fill your storage and count as your rss mission.


No, I still need to do my missions. I have 2 that need lumber and they were not completed. :confused:

Edit: Nope, clearly I’m tired, the missions did actually count.


But seriously I have no idea.


That’s weird, mine have always counted. Put in a ticket?


They did count. I wasn’t paying attention. I did put in a ticket because I was worried I would be labelled a cheater and banned for “creating lumber” :joy::joy::joy:


Did your transfer go through? Sometimes I got the screen saying lumber this sent up it doesn’t post in Team chat and when you restart the lumber hasn’t been send. Somebody of the devs called it something like race condition with the servers


I also noticed this happen to me on several occasions


It’s likely lumber stolen from the lumber mill(s), unless you didn’t destroy any?


Its like that since months. Not just sometimes basically everytime i collect lumber or food and it goes over my cap it shows 0


Here are some glitches with rss as many have pointed out above:

  • if the amount of rss you gain from a run puts your rss at or above capacity, end of run will show 0
  • if the amount of rss you gain from run puts you within X% of capacity (I haven’t tested the %, but its likely to be around 95+%), then the end of run will show reduced amount of rss than you actually earnt
  • Sometimes if you send rss, it doesn’t sync with server until a while later, therefore message doesn’t show in team chat until later
  • Sometimes when you send rss the message doesn’t appear at all but the rss does still get sent

Basic point is don’t worry too much about what the screen says - just check your rss levels and missions to make sure they’re complete.


Yes all of these points have been consistent (expected) bugs for myself and almost everyone I’ve mentioned them to for about 6 months now. It’s just a display issue which doesn’t affect gameplay :man_shrugging:.
Well except when it is fort and you really need that lumber but the zero really is a zero because they dumped it and you’re just waiting for the storage to show something that isn’t coming… :joy:


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