Free Passage: Does this extend to portals?

@PGDave, has any thought been given to the free passage been extended so teams with it can use a portal?

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Hadn’t thought about that, but it’s worth considering.

(Edit – Considering alongside some of the other travel-related proposals.)

I mean free passage through your lands, would make sense that portals/access are part of your lands?

Yep, it makes sense. Right now, as you know, portals are restricted to just you’re team as they’re meant to help your team reinforce and control territory in different parts of the world. I don’t think that’s really manifested, so as part of thinking about the next pass on traveling we should probably think about how/if/what role team portals play in that future Atlas.

True…just trying to make overall travel easier but have to think about all the effects that come with it.

IMO, the whole administration of granting free passage needs to be reworked. you should be able to request passage and grant it easily from the view primarchs view of your island.

going into fort, deleting a team, entering a new team, then getting an error, to go back to primarch screen and notice is was an l not an I (L vs i) in team name or O not 0 is tiring. Also not being able to see email from Atlas is a pain, when dealing with multiple requests for passage.

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