Free prizes if you win ! Deci challenge!

Deci Assault Challenge

Submit your best Deci flight against the level 6 emerald base in the assault event. No add on spells nor riders allowed. Boosts and runes are permitted.

Winner will be the closest to 100%. If more than one submission reaches 100%, the dragon with the most health remaining will be the winner.

This challenge is sponsored by DragonBuddy. The winner will get a prize consisting of 12k rubies and other assorted goodies.

Please PM all videos to Mort for consideration in the challenge

Mort’s Line ID: lamortorchichi


:thinking: Okay, will try it when get started with Assault :smiling_imp: If make it that far :joy:

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Would be nice to see in the end the videos of top-3 flyers.


@shua0792 a contest for you.

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Makes me wish I’d actually experted Deci. Maybe next time.

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gonna be a challenge if you dont max the runes haha so if u got the chisils or the dust best make it count lol

I didn’t see a big difference by adding runes lol


There is no lamortorchichi on line that I can find
Only this guy and he looks suspect😬


Heh, i hope this becomes somewhat regular community events. held/hosted by anyone who plays the game.

Been making these kinda event in my alt teams with google gift codes. :grin:

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I too am wondering about this

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Haha :joy:

If more than one make 100% you should take level if runes into account first instead of health. Now to get past that first small island…

Runes are not what will make someone win this challenge

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Agree it’s more of how much you you can dodge and reduce damage deci take in


Can we add extra skill / rider ? and any specific target ? or just random pew pew ?

No rider or consumables

Did you read the first post ?

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Ah dang my deci is still at lvl 1 :see_no_evil: are there going to be any more challenges like this?

I’m hoping !


13% is my best so far :joy:
I’ve blown that dragon to bits for two hours this evening. My healing potions almost dropped below 4000 :scream: