Free Silver Chest - Restart Required

I don’t know what glitch caused the prevention of issuing the “free” silver chest, or who even cared enough about it to complain, but the “fix” for it - “We have added new items to your account” message forcing a restart. Is the all-too-typical PG answer of fixing a minor problem with a bigger one.

This message’s appearance forces a player to stop whatever they are doing and restart their game. Fortunately for me, it has only happened when I’ve been in the middle of typing a message, or waiting to back-up a player on a resource run.

At best, it is annoying. At worst, it could cause serious problems if it kicks in during an attack.

Silver chests aren’t really that important, and I, for one, will never miss getting a free rare storm striker rune, so can we either find another way to distribute these that DOESN’T interfere with game play, or just forget about them until you can fix it properly?


Completely agree. The other day was in the middle of typing up a mail. Just frustrating that there is no way to get around it to warn people or save whatever we’re in the middle of doing.

I hope noone was forced to restart during a war, especially if (s)he is about to get 5 flames :roll_eyes:

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It’s probably a new armory issue.

Since the new armory’s UI sensibilities are clearly taking inspiration from 2000-era Microsoft for its totally tubuluar, Clippy-like Draco animation, maybe they could borrow some other fresh ideas for the silver chest restart. E.g., you know those awesome “hey we’re randomly going to shut off your computer, do you want us to disrupt your work cycle now or in 30 minutes?” messages that Windows Update produces? Maybe they could have Draco pop up on the screen and do his animation for the usual 2 hours, and then at the end it says “would you like to restart, or claim this chest in 30 minutes?”

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I wonder if the free silver chests are a thing if the past. I haven’t gotten any this event.

@Arelyna can you check into this?



That is odd @InvalidUserID. I will definitely ask.

This post reminded me that I haven’t either. Wow, how easily things are forgotten :rofl:

Yup, not getting them either.

I guess it’s easier to forget things that aren’t really helpful :laughing:

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Hey that’s like 1000 rune dust a day I’m missing out on. That could help me level my mythic runes in like only 70 years or so!

I haven’t gotten one in days either. @InvalidUserID

For a few days I would get the daily free Silver chests but then they just stopped.

Same the silver chest still missing

Missing for me aswell

I thought it might just be because I don’t have a valid username, but good to know it isn’t just me.

Maybe this is considered a solution to the restart problem :face_with_monocle:

Edit: This lil guy :face_with_monocle: is adorable. Too bad I can’t use him more :face_with_monocle:

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Same. They resolved the issue with having to restart the game. My guess is they found it to challenging to separate the silver chests from the runic and sigil chests bonuses which really should not be that difficult.

As Sam said, this is probably their solution to their initial poor solution and they are still challenged to figure out how to do it right.

Any updates on this @Arelyna ? I know there are bigger issues with the servers right now, I just don’t want this to get forgotten.

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