Freexp280 question 🦖

Hey forum friends,
I’m level 108, and at the moment, destroying 12% of Freexp280 gets me my max exp. That’s the first three combat towers + the farm. My question is, up to what player level will this base be effective to get max xp? I can’t seem to nail a tower on the island past the first turn, so I can’t get any more than 20% destroyed. Am using Ember :grin::+1: Thanks ya’ll. :t_rex:

Perhaps around 120+. 4 towers not including farms.
Just another note. I’ve started using andy, destroying 3-4 Lightning towers.
Purple ember can shoot 1-2 additional towers past the turn.


Don’t bother with the farms. Farms and mages don’t count towards XP.

I think it is level 128-130 with the first 4 defense towers. With cloak on ember you can get 5 more defense towers (lightning in back, storm and fire tirret on back of middle and end island)


Ahhh so that’s how you utilize cloak on it lol. I managed to get those towers you mentioned for 29%. Hopefully that’ll last me a while. Thanks :t_rex:

What’s the Andy base’s name? Never used it before :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:

I will hit death gaze coming around the turn, the cloak with death gaze queued up. Hit the lightning as it almost is out of view.

Do the same for the back storm then hit death gaze and hit the fire tirret as it is spinning up.


4 towers on that long island will not give you full xp until you are level 127+ then you move to battman or Andy base. battman is a bit long to fly through but doable with only ember and slow connection
but if you have an upgrade cloak ember, it would be more. I can kill 51%, tower only, while enki is undamaged



Team miketp

Thanks very much :grin: :t_rex:

Awesome, I’ll check those out. Thank you ^-^ :t_rex:

A question about that one: what lightning tower do I hit first so I don’t die right after killing the third? Or is death unavoidable? :t_rex:

I used to shot front right, front left, mid, back left, and swap before the last one hit.


if you have 5 rages you can kill all 5 lightnings, just swap as soon as the last death gaze is launched and ember wont die. However, if you are back up, the lightning supper shot will kill you instantly before you could destroy 1st lightning


Ah yikes lol. I’m finding it rather tricky but I’ll give it some more tries. 34% on freexp280 should last me a bit, but I like to be prepared for the future. Thanks again :hugs: :t_rex:

If you’re quick on the draw, you can get a fifth tower on Freexp280 with level 1 ember, too. As you’re completing the turn, shoot a death gaze, same as if you were shooting around the corner with a normal attack. Swap before you complete the turn and the swap-granted invulnerability will allow you to dodge lightning. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, purple stone Ember or Enki can get ~60% of Freexp280 reliably, more if you can reliably hit two towers with death gaze during a turn. (Rare case of an XP base actually being good for practicing player skills.)


Whoo, 60%??? I need to practice some more :rofl: Only gotten up to 34%. I think I cast DG too early and then Cloak too late or something on those turns :sweat_smile: Thank you! I’ve certainly got a lot of flying to do.
Edit: Got 41% but went down lol. Will keep working :ok_hand: :t_rex:

Not my video but I’ve done this many times.


Oh damn! I do keep forgetting to utilize those double spots, and I forgot that I can DG those very back blue mages :rofl: Thanks very much! :t_rex:

This is how you do freexp280 with enki/purple ember.


Just use andy. Max xp til like 220 or something I don’t remember. If you need more have a backer use hauheset