Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


The Ice Flak Cannon is the third tower in the Flak tower series that harnesses the power of elemental energy. Here is a FAQ for this new and powerful tower.




  • When will I see this tower in my game?

We are releasing the Ice Flak Tower today (January 30th) in time for the Fortification event that begins Wednesday. The Ice Flak Tower unlocks at level 55. You can find it in your Build Menu when constructing a new tower.

  • What does the Ice Flak Tower do?

The Ice Flak Tower has the longest attack range and deals a moderate amount of elemental damage. The Ice Flak Tower has the highest attack rate out of all Elemental Flak Towers and fires once per second. The Supershot will prevent any Dragon hit by it from using abilities for a short time.

Supershot will not prevent or disable passives.

Supershot disables your current active ability.


  • How does it interact with Dragon abilities?

As it is an elemental tower, it has the same interactions similar to the Dark Flak and Fire Flak cannons.

  • It can be blocked by Crystalline Shield.
  • It cannot be inverted.
  • It can be absorbed by Elemental Barrier.


  • Will there be more Flak Towers?

Yes! The engineers inside the Builder Hut are hard at work building more defensive towers to protect your island.

  • How many Ice Flak Towers can I build?

  • Level 55: 1
  • Level 60: 2
  • Level 70: 3
  • Level 80: 4
  • Level 85: 5
  • Level 90: 6
  • Level 95: 8


  • How many can I build on an island?

You can only build one Ice Flak Cannon per island. You can, however, build other Flak type towers on the same island.

  • Will building these towers count towards the Fortification Event?

Of course!



Ice Flak Tower Stats

Ice Flak Tower Stats
All values are before Research is applied
Level HP Attack Power Special Attack Power Cost to Build
1 7844 2054 2054 Elemental Ember: 100
2 9698 2850 2850 Lumber: 208
3 11513 4016 4016 Elemental Ember: 200
4 13443 5458 5458 Lumber: 861
5 15994 7420 7420 Elemental Ember: 300
6 18944 10058 10058 Lumber: 1894
7 22319 13581 13581 Elemental Ember: 400
8 26158 18268 18268 Lumber: 3714
9 30502 21614 21614 Elemental Ember: 600
10 34262 24276 24276 Lumber: 8712
11 38333 27158 27158 Elemental Ember: 800
12 42716 30256 30256 Lumber: 17819
13 47552 33678 33678 Elemental Ember: 1000
14 52936 37486 37486 Lumber: 38115
15 58934 41727 41727 Elemental Ember: 1200
16 65607 46446 46446 Lumber: 57617
17 73037 51706 51706 Elemental Ember: 1400
18 81308 57562 57562 Lumber: 86400
19 95505 67607 67607 Elemental Ember: 1600
20 112181 79404 79404 Lumber: 154799
21 131770 93265 93265 Elemental Ember: 1800
22 154779 109543 109543 Lumber: 219599
23 181805 128664 128664 Elemental Ember: 2000
24 213552 151121 151121 Lumber: 269232
25 250845 177503 177503 Elemental Ember: 2200
26 310885 219974 219974 Lumber: 340800
27 385300 272613 272613 Elemental Ember: 2400
28 450656 318847 318847 Lumber: 422592
29 497435 351935 351935 Elemental Ember: 2600
30 549073 388459 388459 Lumber: 504384
31 606070 428774 428774 Elemental Ember: 2800
32 668988 473273 473273 Lumber: 586176
33 738434 522399 522399 Elemental Ember: 3000
34 815090 576619 576619 Lumber: 667968
35 899704 636460 636460 Elemental Ember: 3200
36 993104 702525 702525 Lumber: 749760
37 1096198 775445 775445 Elemental Ember: 3400
38 1209995 855932 855932 Lumber: 831552
39 1335607 944782 944782 Elemental Ember: 3600
40 1474256 1042847 1042847 Lumber: 913344
41 1627300 1151098 1151098 Elemental Ember: 3800
42 1796232 1270579 1270579 Lumber: 995136
43 1982702 1402465 1402465 Elemental Ember: 4000
44 2188528 1548045 1548045 Lumber: 1076928
45 2415722 1708738 1708738 Elemental Ember: 4200
46 2666500 1886113 1886113 Lumber: 1158720
47 2943315 2081903 2081903 Elemental Ember: 4400
48 3248867 2298015 2298015 Lumber: 1240512
49 3586139 2536566 2536566 Elemental Ember: 4600
50 3958422 2799883 2799883 Lumber: 1322304



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im excited for the Poison flak. guess its a Ballista 2.0 then :heart_eyes::smiling_imp:


@PGCrisis please confirm if the spell and ability debuff is also blocked by elemental barrier and crystalline shield. Also, will it block equipped spells or only spells that are innate to the dragon?

Edit: also does debuff duration increase with tower level? How long is the debuff duration? We need to know all this stuff!!


When it says longest attack range, does that mean it has a range longer than 70? Invincibility Shield negates effects, so if Crystalline Shield blocks it, I’d assume Invinc would too? I thought that the dragon still gets stunned with Crystalline Shield, though :thinking: may have to poke an invader base to check.

And are all flaks meant to be treated as a projectile for both regular and super?


Definitely gets stunned with elemental barrier.


So you turn the corner and equip elemental barrier. Ice flak fires so now your shield is gone. But you can’t reshield because it also blocks the use of your abilities. Cue dark flak supershots. Now you’re dead.

If that’s how this works it’s now a combination of mage and cannon supershot. Aka essential defence tower.


Yeah, that’s what’s throwing me off, haha, because the effect is set to be for all blue/red/white spells.


Comparing this table to the dark flak chart in the other post, looks like this tower does almost exactly the same damage as the dark flak!? @PGCrisis please post dark flak and ice flak damage side by side


If you could credit some embers for all that we spent on dark flak that you trashed that’d be great :+1: Even with only having 1 flak tower I don’t have enough for a second (and I’m embarrassingly active).


Will you be increasing elemental ember drops? @PGCrisis

Right now when I get 125 embers from gold chest and it says “Epic!” all excitedly with an exclamation mark a piece of me dies inside. Three flaks in the game and embers are rarer than hens teeth. Look at the table above you posted and check the elemental prices. Will we see an increased amount in drops rather than the measly 125 embers?



So… does this disable cloak? Timeshift?
Sometimes we still get hit while cloaked or in timeshift, would we uncloak AND be unable to cast spells?


Please say this just hasn’t been updated


Probably not.


This gets better and better by the screen shot. Smdh


Coming soon: Sheep flak.

Normal attack: Shoots a sheep at your dragon, distracting him for three seconds while he gobbles it up.
Supershot: The tower shoots a sheep that reminds your dragon of his favorite childhood meal, causing him to intellectually regress. Dragon permanently loses one level for each level of the tower.

Naturally because this is a sheep flak tower, it uses elemental embers and gold to upgrade.


So three flaks meet up on an island.

A great warrior says he can easily take down three towers. Fire flak laughs and turns his great roar of flame into a patheric meow.

A mighty sorccer says that his magic shall turn the island to ruble. The ice flak sneezes and all that comes from the sorcerer is a puff of smoke.

An epic hunter says that he is smarter than the other two and will outwit the island. He sneaks upon it to get a shot. As he is aiming his death blow his cloak slips away and all three flaks greet him with joy.

The great dragons go to nurse their wounds… and realize… they had no clue what the last two towers on the island even were…

Seriously who thought this was a good idea??


Build it.
Maxed it.
Enjoy it.
(…after a few months…
PG: lets nerf ICE Flak to promote Wind Flak
And the cycle continues.


Just sayin…


Disables active spells?

That’s dumb already we have useless towers we cannot use because they don’t compare.

But now why even have cannon towers?
Cannon towers served a purpose with breaking shields especially white spells such as Elemental barrier!!

But now why not just replace with a more powerful, longer range tower that virtually does the exact same thing! If it disables current spells it would break all shields and barriers while also taking away other spells.

Hopefully I’m wrong but I think this tower is going to put a ton of cannons in storage :roll_eyes:


Not just cannon my friend.


I wasn’t even thinking about blue mages :rage:
Yep those won’t be needed near as much either…Red I could still see for simply stealing the rage.

The damn blue mage is solely for freezing the dragons spell “Silencing” or stopping An active spell…Wtf?

Why not just have a powerful long range tower that does the exact same thing!!! Should have just called it the blue mage flak tower :joy:

I love additions to the base and I’m all about strong bases but I don’t think this tower was very thought out!