Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


Supershot DPS for lvl 1:
Fire Flak: 1300
Ice Flak: 1500
Dark Flak: 1600


Lol u think i would say my true plan? :wink:
Yes, yes i would… and if not, it wouldnt matter :joy: not like its some huge mystery with its range.


Special attack is super shot.

DPS is not a good measure, since not all towers have the same range. DoT may be a better measure. Range of IF exceeds all dragons on the normal attacks.

Powers of IF is really in the SS (silence), but its damage should be a little less than FF…

That is what I see when looking. If it’s not working properly, be specific about what you’re noticing. Here’s the thing. Use the ice SS to disable and prevent any spell (it fires almost immediately). Now you have a short window to fire your other turrets and the dragon cannot use any spell to counter.

It serves a specific purpose. It will weaken your base if you have too many or defenders don’t understand how to use it.


Problem with this method of defending is the intricate timing involved. IF SS only lasts 1 second. So you got to time when you SS the other towers depending on where the dragon is, how fast it’s flying, what spells it’s got equipped etc. And you need to get it right down to the second. Takes skill!


It still disables Elemental Barrier and all current shields. As a bonus, mystic winds and reverse projectiles.
The timing is tough if you want to take advantage of the 1.5s supershot. Let’s say you precharge the ice flak. Then Avyx kills the blue mage and needs some spell (cloak or invincibility shield) to survive, but the supershot disables the spells, resulting in Avyx’s death.


Do ice flaks also pause the tapping damage on hunters? I noticed on more than 1 flight with frostbiter that he wasn’t firing at all. There was an ice flak. There were no trebuchets and he had plenty of energy. He just floated along and took damage for close to 1second. By the time I could do anything it was done.


Did a dark flak stun cause it?


I didn’t notice any but perhaps I overlooked it. The white background camoflauges them. I’ll try to pay better attn if it happens again. So to be certain though…ice flaks should not affect tapping correct?




so on average how would you rank its passive damage


By passive damage you mean regular shots fired without intervention?


Pretty much that of an archer


yea thats what im referring to


What Gox said.

The longer range makes a difference, since very few spells could hit the tower before the dragon was in range of the tower (assuming a red mage aura), and those that could (exception being white lightning bolt) have a slow travel speed (think white death gaze, white umbral spike, desiccating sands, rip tide, and maybe a few others). And the range of the normal attack of the dragon puts it well within range of the IF before it will do damage.

So, this tower is all about proper placement and proper timing. DF and FF SS fire almost instantly (as does the ice flak super), so using these to maximum effect will require practice and good base design.


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Any word on this?


I agree.
The ice flak DPS for normal attack is the highest among the 3 flaks.
The ice flak DPS for supershot is 2nd highest among the 3 flaks.
Definitely not a bad tower and it’s attributes are well balanced. To compare with the dark flak, the range doesn’t affect the comparison because players can put dark flaks in the front of an island. Placement of this flak to hit dragons from a distance is going to be the best way to use this tower. The timing of the supershot is difficult to get perfectly but if you are lucky it can mess up attackers. Some players put the ice flak in the front of the rage drain to block mystic winds. So far I’m liking this tower


Definitely can be used on several places. I tried on the edge with dark Flak and it can cancel barrier on Necryx before dark Flak SS fires. Agree that one can learn how to use it on different spot, but for teammates will be not easy if they don’t have it.


It’s definitely a high skill/high reward (or high experience/high reward) tower.

I think that is good though.

But it’s still a projectile, not a beam… Hmmm.

![0B1D5955-2A94-4D26-AFAF-B8972E21179D|690x318](upload://t8qmioZ9Fp9TSI17Fp4wI3yEm2E.jpg)I like it here