Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


Understatement of the year my friend :joy:


You’ll probably still want some blue mage for rage drain and because it passively blocks blue spells. Ice flak’s supershot duration seems quite low to replace mages as a means to prevent spell casting. Cannon is out of a job if ice flak breaks shields though


With low damage of DF and ice flak ability to block spells, first 3 towers on anybase would be 2 mage and ice flak. Even level 1 ice flak can disable lvl 50 dragon spell for fraction of second which is what requires mage towers to disable dragon rage.


About the supershot

  1. Can it be blocked by shields? (Invincibility, Explosive, Elemental Barrier)
  2. What happened with projectile type spell? (the projectile before hit, while charged in its mouth)
  3. Can it detect stealth-type? (cloak, dispatch)
  4. How long is the silence status?


I have read this on Facebook, I loved the idea, similar to yours:

Also I demand a sheep flak that fires meat at dragons to fatten them up and slow them down until they’re basically crawling


Am I the only one whose not really looking forward for new defensive towers at all?
We started with archer/cannon/storm/mage/treb/lightning, each unique and has been fun to think of how to combine them…well at least when I started about two years ago.
Ice and fire turret was a nice addition. Giving us more way to fight against reverse projectiles.

Well dark flak was still nice, limited in place that is usable, but high power…

But you said even more flak is coming out after this? You gotta be joking. Making all of them superior to all of the original towers really is just no fun-at all for players who has been playing for more than two years and has been working on bases for a long time.

Really, please, give value to all of the towers and not only the new expensive ones. I know you are profit organization, but most of the recent moves are rediculous.


I am not looking forward to it at all. New towers interact poorly with the player leveling mechanics. Unless they let you swap towers this will make the broken progression system in the game worse.


Screw your new tower PG. (Screw is definitely not the word I wanted to say.) To destroy everyones base, then while everyone is flipping shit over you massively screwing them, act all happy and positive about introducing a new tower is an insult. You can take your tower and shove it!!!


Me too buddy


u cant express better how i feel…this game’s name is WAR DRAGONS and now it turns out to be SimCity…


there ll be earth flak too dont forget that :slight_smile: PG’s aim is to release 5 elemental towers…


Let’s also not forget those who are new to the game. All these new towers coming out are available at a relatively low level. But the dragons available to those lower level players, even the seasonal dragons, are rarely able to take on these new towers and are put down fairly quickly.

Look at poor old Amarok. At one time he was the go to dragon for levels 50 - 80. Now he falls like a fly that hit a truck at 80 mph. I think it’s going to make it harder to get and hold on to new players if they don’t stand a chance of being competitive until they hit their mid 100’s.


Just tested the tower

The supershot range is very short - sort of normal flak range? The normal shot range is quite a bit longer than anything else in game.


It’s also very slow :joy:


Not really my experience as a new player so far, it actually surprises me how easily you can destroy level 70 bases as a 55 player, if they’re badly built, even using just line dragons. And there’s no shortage of bad bases at this level…

Sure, a well-built short base with defenders will likely cost me multiple dragons to clear even if attacking just a few levels up, but that actually seems like a sane balance. And this was before the flaks got nerfed, so if anything I expect it to be a little too easy now at low level.


I am lvl 56 and I can now hit some lvl 80 bases. One dragon.


so if you SS, does it just sit there waiting instead of using a normal shot?


If you use supershot, it sits there winding up, kinda like someone gathering saliva to spit.


lol figures.


Isn’t that what they want, spitting on us, on all of our efforts in game?