Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


its kinda weird. they asked us before what kind of rebalancing we want and then they do the total opposite :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Every time they ‘ask’ for advice they either intentionally misrepresent what was actually wished for, or hype up how they addressed one very small part of the problem, while ignoring the major causes. It happens far too much for it not to be bad faith.


read a post today… next time we should vote for less Egg tokens out of Missions and Goldchests… then they will increase them!


That one they will listen to…


ha. i bet …


Trust me, that would be the first time in history they actually take the wish word by word and fulfill it 100%


Don’t worry, they compensated by nerfing everything else Amarok is allergic to.


Those would be poorly designed bases. Even after the royal mess the update has made, you still could not take my base under any circumstances



Please tell me this is a glitch :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Ice Flak attack sucks…it’s less than what the chart says above. Not to mention…being weaker than a same level lightning tower.


PG won’t tell you anything. The only people who responded from pg gave zero information…just more of the same old responses meetimgs/discussion no real plan to address.

I guess at least it was a well written response


does elemental meyham affect it too then?


Elemental mayhem does not affect flaks, despite PG assuring us that they would be affected when they released the first dark flak.

Just Incase you wanna see:


There was also this later, though:


I agree to what Jared said there. “Elemental Towers” and “Elemental Flaks” clearly have different nature.


But then there was a comment saying that no, it doesn’t say which towers it targets, only:

And I believe the post of the picture quote was after his response as well and was never responded to.


Yeah, there were suggestions to actually list the towers instead of suggesting all elemental towers, but that never made it in :see_no_evil:


Might have something to do with mayhem only having the ones that “should be listed” when it was created? I call BS on this just FYI in case PG cares



PG ignored a request to add clarity to the game?




Or deliver on their promises? Whaaaaat