Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


"War Dragons.

You will be disappointed. We promise."


Hmmm. They said it would be longer than anything.

I noticed without super it also is fairly rapid fire (for a flak)

I built one to 48 and I can’t say it’s doing anything for me yet

So far all bases are easy to steamroll except one base that I still can’t figure out. Might be fire flak doing more or it might be ice turret still nerfing hunters.

Game is weird.


Range of ICE flak normal attack - 83 ( highest in game compared to other long range towers range 70)
Range of ICE Flak SuperShot - 70
At least from the numbers I saw .
I don’t have ice flak or I would explain better.


It’s probably the long windup time messing with perceived range then :frowning:


Rate of fire for flaks is as follows:
Fire flak- 0.65 attacks per second
Dark flak- 0.4 attacks per second
Ice flak - 1 attack per second
Ice flak is much faster

@forScience there is wind up time of 2 seconds for Ice Flak Supershot


Yeah the windup sucks. The tower doesnt fire in that time. Kinda meh

Ideally it would be short so you can have some decision making process to interrupt a spell, not cast it and hope the player wants to cast a spell in 2 seconds from now


Awesome this puts specific numbers on my testing that exactly match my results.

I was thinking ice flak was about twice as fast and theoretically it’s attack (assuming it’s not taking this into consideration already, aka damage per shot rather than dps) means that it’s lesser damage is actually higher than dark flak at the same level.

Irony being it may be more useful in the back without a supershot. (Not using the special silencing)


Yep my thoughts about its use as well


How come the damage chart in OP only goes to level 50?


What if those numbers themselves are wrong?
I think they are :see_no_evil::scream::man_facepalming:t2:


wish instead of wood, elemntal rotation you would ice shard, elemental rotation


How about rotate all three?


They’ll stream changes instead of have them directly in the install. e.g. After Obsidian release/towers to 60, the direct download of the file wouldn’t have them in there for a number of patches. It also depends on which file the numbers are coming from, and PG could always change it up :see_no_evil:


hadn’t seen that thanks! :hugs:


Lol well played PG.

Feeling sorry for those (like the guy in the video) who maxed it


This is like a trap to get people to try it and ended up pissed. But we can figure out its Attack damage is already Low but worse it is using the same amount of shards. There is no more fun when players felt cheated over and over again when things don’t deliver the impact intended with the amount invested. A good example will be the runic chest!



Comment please on the very low damage of iceflak - will this be adjusted up to match the other flaks?

Second question - why the 2 second charge time for supershot? Completely removes any form of strategic use - you now have to click in and hope two seconds later the attacker felt like casting


It would be cool to see the ice flak supershot invisible. Remove the windup. Increase the duration of disabled spells to at least 2 seconds. Increase the damage. If PG can’t fix this tower, please refund all those elemental embers people got clickbaited into buying.


Bookmarking because I am curious why the attack power is so low on this highly “touted” Ice Flak. Level 60 is weaker than a level 41 Dark Flak
I feel like I wasted so many embers to build a level 41 Ice Flak. It’s a pea shooter.


This right here :point_up_2: