Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


Yeah I messed up. I figured “surely PG isn’t going to screw us over again like they did with the fire flack”. And once more I was wrong.


I’ve kinda been watching the discussions about the Ice Flak Tower and feeling like they are irrelevant to me. I’m a level 212, light-spender. Even if this tower is FANTASTIC, if I get one I will basically be in a worse position than I am now. First, I have to have enough embers to max a tower from 1 to 45 (so I will be spending). Second, I have to have the speed-ups to do it (again, more spending). But even with all the spending aside, I would be replacing another tower on my base (probably a fire tower) with another tower of the same level. So instead of continuing to strengthen the 5 towers on my kill island and max those out, everything would go towards this new tower. I would go up several levels but have nothing to show for it except this new tower.

I don’t know the exact numbers, but if I am going to go up 20 levels, it seems like it would be smarter for me to take four of my towers on my kill island from 45-50 than to swap out a fire tower with a new ice flak that is the exact same level?!? In terms of base strength, Option 1 is going to make my base a TON stronger than Option 2. The only difference is I will be 20 levels higher with a base that hasn’t grown much in strength. So in many ways, that’s a step back. I will then be severely under-powered for my level.

Of course, if I were a whale with a maxed out base, an ice flak might make sense. But I just don’t get how new tower releases are in any way practical for the rest of us…?


Good point which is why established mid-game players generally don’t get new towers, only new players and end-game players.

PG really needs to look at the issue and suggestions around recycling towers without/minimally affecting base XP. But it is a complicated subject and I don’t expect a resolution.


I did my workout and if you just reached level 212 and build an Ice Flak to level 45, you would need about 400 days of speedups and 47000 elemental embers assuming you have done platinum construction research.
You will go up by 9 levels to level 221 in worst case.
Even after all that, its better to upgrade kill island from five level 45 towers to four level 47 towers and level 48 Dark flak and speed-ups required would be about the same and you will reach same level.
** Number of days are considering no rider construction bonus **


I know you are assuming and you already know fact but this is not strong. Its tower with longest range and i would not place it in kill tower list because its place ideally is middle of back island and it will still almost start hitting dragon same time as dark flak placed in front.


I just don’t understand why I never learn.

“Don’t build new towers right away, never believe the hype from PG.”
“Don’t build new towers right away, never believe the hype from PG.”
“Don’t build new towers right away, never believe the hype from PG.”
“Don’t build new towers right away, never believe the hype from PG.”
“Don’t build new towers right away, never believe the hype from PG.”


Ice flak will be the go to tower to bring harbingers down.

Dont regret building it, they will buff it


I’ll bet against that :smile:


I have to agree, after much thought i decided to stick with my gut and say they will increasw it attack output a minimum of 50%

Hell honestly it ahould be 100% lookin at the lvl 1 stats


They will bring it up to Fire Flak level. Mark my words.


I bet they will try to scale it to roughly 20-30% less than fire flak.

Just is what i think and honestly for no real reason other than its what i wanna think. Not saying im right just placing my bet.


Actually I think you may be right. As it is a new tower not released before the Great Nerf of 4.0 there’s no reason for them to go back to the same damage curve as the FF.

I think they will scale it so that it is slightly below FF damage until level ~45-50, then scale up just the same as the FF beyond that (the straight line bit).


Hahahaha it has the highest range in game if they do that and kick out 65 towers this tower would make everything else obsolete. Dream on


Nah don’t think so - it’s damage wont be as high as the Dark Flak, just because it has higher range. Who knows let’s see what happens.


It shoots like a machine gun and dark flaks are old news for harbingers since the most important ones have dark flak resist lol


I’m just waiting for the super shot windup time to be reduced. Unruned EB expires by the time it fires :rofl:


Forsci THATS the only thing I hope that tower will get. At current setup it’s useless for both. Normal and ss.

But at the end of the day it’s PG. They super nerfed it maybe now they super beef it up :joy::joy::joy::joy:

They just aren’t capable to make it a balanced tower. So we’ll see


Haha yeah currently it should be dead before it can take a SS.

@warlord yes agree its rate of fire is high and I didn’t consider DF resist on end game drags.


I think we are all hoping for the special to be fixed cause it means nothing to me when it was supposed to be the cure lol


I built one, I regret it :confounded:


Don’t be. They are going to redo the tower. You don’t have to have faith in this thing, but generally this season PG has been trying to accommodate what we think once there is a pretty big problem with a release. And ice flak is one of the biiiiiiggggg releases this season. Even though for now it’s effect make it look unimportant.