Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


Sorry was not precise (half asleep when posting this). What I mean is when an attacker activatates barrier before Dark can hit him and I (as defender) will use super shots on both Flaks Ice and Dark, does instant shot guarantee that barrier will be deactivated co quickly that attacker will get first hit of Dark Flak? Depending how this works I may choose Dark - Fire or Dark - Ice combination. :thinking::thinking::thinking: canon works, but it takes some time… Wantedto start next fort, but seams it’s better to wait and try Necryx on some bases with this setup.


Yeah I know it can change any time, but since there is no way to cheaply change strategy, one needs to be very careful with those expensive towers.


That’s a good question, I guess it has to be tested.

I would say it works when on long island, if both flaks are up front. The Dark Flak won’t supershot instantly, it needs to wait a second until the dragon is in range so a front or mid Ice Flak could get the spershot off immedeately and deactivate any shield or barrier.

On short islands everything immediately fires so the Dark Flak supershot could be blocked before the barrier is down. Maybe someone can test this for us.


Yes, honestly fire flak always performed quite well, even with the unwelcomed beginning. It could almost replace storm tower as it reduces hunter burst damage by half, if you time it right along with dark flak on perch, the supershot effect itself will help you a lot. Towers work together, if the dragon has dark flak resist, it doesn’t render dark flak useless due to the stun effect. Your other towers should hit heavy during the stun and fire flak will make him half powerful for 2.5 seconds or so. There are many scenarios we can discuss but I’m not basing my suggestions on the changes that we do not know if coming or not.

It could change at anytime yes. But how do you strategize with info we don’t have/know


Thx. Didn’t know there is a different behavior for long vs short island. I like Fire Flak’s power reduction and higher damage, but I am not sure it’s enough for holding Necryx. I am asking on forum to save my time and testing. Just wanted to know if someone tried how new correction after 4.0 fu… by PG works. Maybe it’s pointless, since I will never be a whale and there will always be big guys with harbingers or obsidian dragons which will cancel my little 168lvl base like nothing.


Rage drain island is all you need to kill Nec… a lot cheaper than building new towers. Nec is useless once it’s rage is gone.


In most cases you might be right, but it does sound a little black & white.
A good flyer knows how to dodge or overcome the rage drain island. With good rage runes it’s possible to approach the middle long with sand+barrier ready which can be a serious problem if the middle island / the defender isn’t prepared.


I should correct it as extraordinary flier. Not many of that kind exist unless there is lag


I made rage drain it helps indeed. Anyway in wars first attacker can get rid of it with Kirin easily. My situation may change after 1-2 fort when back of my big island will catch up. Now when it depends on first 5 towers (mages plus elemental) it’s just not good for 2x Necryx.
Back to the topic has anyone useful information how Ice Flak behaves after new fix??


not good enough yet, but better than a cannon

Pretty much replaces cannons


Ok thx. I take from this discussion that Fire Flak is better investment (currently). For barrier of Nec I can keep my canon will be much cheaper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


Just tested on Long Island and worked as intended. Ice shot canceled barrier and Nec got hard blow from Dark Flak. Will post some videos later. So timing is ok.




True story :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I know there are more harder beasts out there, but Necryx is just too common to ignore. So I am happy to find easy (and cheap) fix…


Last post to this topic or you will ban me :joy:
Necryx vs Ice Flak


He sanded the wrong thing first… :man_facepalming:

That being said ice flak is certainly useful front of the 5 towers. Except it brings an equipped invincibility shield into play because now you need to move the blue mage back.


I still had some low towers on big island so it’s easy to swap one with a little Ice and see how different dragons work. I am sure there will be opportunity to check how Kinnarus and invincible shield does. I assumed it’s canceled by Ice super shot as well.


It is, but kinn shouldn’t have rage to invince on a defended base anyways


Since the ice flak has a spectacular range, it replaced my cannon at the very back of the middle island. (Coaches Layout) just gonna call it that


I was attacking but a base with Zamrok defended. And the ice flak at the rage Drain screwed me up. Mystic winds gone bye bye