Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


Agree Kinn is not an issue on normal base and with defenders. I will move Ice. Only want to see how it works… decided for fire Flak anyway.


Thinking to put one small on rage island as well. Drawback is they will leave it there and second attacker will get rage on it. If I assume war attacks…


People leave a red mage…the supershot doesn’t get randomly activated if there is a defender. Then backer builds rage and cloaks if necessary


:thinking::thinking::thinking: ok maybe we will see how many Kirins will fly to war and than rearrange as necessary to deal with wind and damage buff


Did PG make the ice flak because they thought Kirin is too OP? Lol special effect to War Cry, shuts down white mystic winds at lvl 1 and warriors have short range :rofl:


Using the ice flak at the end of the base may not be best idea.

My plan is to use it in the middle of the long center island where it should still fire early in attack. The hope is it disables spells and makes it very hard to grind the rest of the long base with no spells while the rest of the island does the heavy damage to the dragon.


Anyone else had the Ice Flak bug their Necryx? I guess one manage to supershot me (I know, I know, shame on me) and I couldn’t use elemental barrier for the whole map. (It supershotted me at the beginning of the map, long base, 1st Long Island).


I’ve been SS by an ice flak but no bug. One sec and the effect was gone.


:thinking: yeah, this lasted the entire map, no elemental barrier. Was weird and scary at the same time (it was a super attack).


Just tested on Doc, and no bug even if they SS me while shield on or SS me while shield off.


With the long range of Ice Flaks, I wonder how far you can move it to the back to still have it fire immediately at the attacker when he makes his turn.
The middle of the front 5? Or even the back of the front 5?

@DapperNinja feel free to test :smiley: (Or I might build a lvl1 this weekend and test it myself)


Supershot range is same as archer. So can’t be too far back.


Will try it in War and even in fort I should have enough riders for proper testing :rofl::rofl:. Grumpy was right (had to slow reply down to see it), that my attacker sanded wrong tower. So I kept it on first spot just for now… will move it back thought just to know how it works.


Test towers in wars… bravery…


Normal attack range ——-supershot works same as the cannon range wise


Cannon range = archer range so we’re saying the same thing…


In my case (with small archer which I can swap) it has no big impact on base quality so why not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wouldn’t change 60lvl tower for small crap. For the purpose I consider this tower it doesn’t have to be high. Sometimes it takes 5-10 runs to defeat depending on opponents, but my team is not reliant on my base


It may seem unrelated but do you think there’s a grumpy big bird in game? Which drag would that be?

Just to make up for the unrelatedness above, ice flak could use some further wind up time buff



:rofl: I haven’t really thought about this but I guess if I was to choose one I’d pick Phweep. Because it’s meant to be the “Harbinger of doom and destruction” but it’s got the worst spell line up Ive ever seen. That’s gotta make it grumpy cos it can’t kill anything! :joy: plus it looks like a cuddly soft toy so that’s gotta make it grumpy too… :joy:


Yeah thats the thing with this ice flak and supershot having a shorter range, this offsets the advantage ice flak has with its primary range by requiring it to be up closer if the main objective is to counter a shield or white spell at the start of a long island. Its tricky lol