Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


Are the stats in the original post accurate now? Dragon Manager isn’t matching with the original post statistics of the ICE flak. Special attack is supershot or am I mistaken?


Damn im good…


Hmm what happened to the original “slows hunter breath ammo recharge?”


I think people bitched about it :unamused: I’m a hunter flier and that is one thing I was looking forward to about the tower.

That said, it would be OP with an effect like that


@PGCrisis @Arelyna
I would like to point out that after the last patch made to the Ice Flak (the recent buff),
the improvements sought in the “Hall of Research” only work in part.
As seen in the screenshots, the values of the Regular Atk seem to be influenced by the improvements of the Hall of Research, while the values of the Supershot are NOT influenced.
I take my Ice Flak lv33 and some research as an example:

ICE FLAK Default values

ICE FLAK after some research


Nice catch


Damage is after battle starts like a special item, i thought, while attack is base stat.

I dont remember the towers, just the dragons, something about one of them does not display any changes…but honestly i feel like tower damage increased my dp instantly which would make me believe that base stats were effected.

So yes, good catch, cough up our buffs PG :stuck_out_tongue:


I have 1 particular reason in mind i hope they “fix” this bc honestly id bet its not an accident.

Tbh i planned to go savage AF on sorcerer perch with dark, fire, & ice flaks all on home short. With Storm and red or blue mage :smiling_imp: doesnt matter honestly i prefer just reds on home short and home long


So that effect was removed?


Yes :slightly_smiling_face:


What is the exact statistical attack rate of the ice flak compared to the fire flak and dark flak? @PGCrisis
@Arelyna @PGPulse


1 attack per second.


What is the attack rate of the dark flak and fire flak? Thanks lutrus



I am looking forward to the Mossy Flak next season, inflict nonfatal fungi upon your foe! This would be super original and incredibly awesome!


Ballista 2.0?


Wait…is “special attack power,” the supershot damage? It’s strange…why they call it “special attack.”


Dark Flak 2.0?


I’m curious how that setup works. You’ll have to let everyone know.


Does anyone have average dps of the towers charted out? cough @SavageAFforPG cough