Frequently Black Screen

Well this has been more and more frequent my members and some iOS users on my Team are having black screen during attacks and it completely kicks us out of the game. Some even freezing especially during this season and last event where none of energy or dragon boost was not fixed. Gets old when your screen goes black or the bright colors everywhere and u can’t see dragons, chats, pics i have a member that his season screen is sideways and he can’t get to his armory, or spend sigils

This isn’t an iOS specific issue

Screenshot the problem. Tell everyone in your team to submit a ticket. (Don’t reply or it’ll put it at the end of the que). You can also submit tickets on the Website.

Unfortunetly the forums aren’t magic. Just sassy.

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Have the same issue on Android. Last time I asked they couldn’t do anything about it.

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Not sure taking a screen shot of a black screen will help. I deleted and reinstalled last week; and my performance in game improved. After the patch this week it is back to really bad and this is one of the issues.

Samsung galaxy s6

It happened to me 2 days ago during an attack on a teammate. I couldn’t help defend because I couldn’t see. I felt really bad, I could see she was being defeated. :angry:

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