Friend Refferal Rewards

I went through the refferal rewards list and saw that there are two eggs. What are they?

Platinum divine dragon that resembles Barney :joy:

Eggs for a special dragon

They are egg fragments, not full eggs.

You need 20 fragments to complete, resulting in ‘Phweemp’ - he can be seen in the Divine section in the Breeding Castle.

To acquire him, you need to recommend:

  • 20 friends who each get to level 20 or;
  • 10 friends who each get to level 40 or;
  • some combination inbetween the two.

After you’ve aquired him, he has red tier stats. To level him he needs experience and spare tier eggs (like you spend on research).
See mine below when he required Gold eggs to level:

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It’s probably worth also mentioning the other rewards you get by aquiring Phweemp.

Assuming that you get 20 friends to level to 20, you get the above rewards x20.
That’s equal to 23,200 rubies and 12,800 egg tokens.


Why don’t I have any friends? :cry:

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Man I’ve brought so many people here but the referral thing never worked :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Did you send your invite link to your friends? That is how it links you to their account. If they instead download directly from the app store, it won’t work.

Yes, has happened twice to me. They download from the link and it still don’t work. Sent in ticket for one that actually went to lv20 and got compensation, just egg frag or items too I can’t remember.

Yes I did Sam multiple times…I finally gave up they just did it the old fashioned way

You should do what Bambam did and put in a ticket next time. It’s prizes are worth the time to do so. :cherry_blossom:

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