Friendly help required

so last season I spent a total of 59 k sigils from events , drops and other prizes . I dont put dimme at all , never got the 500 sigil prize in events but always have reached the 450 prize . What I wanna know is if did anyone of you get the mythic by having same or little better results like me in events . I got inlove with fomhar so wasnt so much attracted to corthanak . but this time the mythic is the only interesting thing I see for this season . Hope u get the point

If you can get the entire discount dragon branch in the first 2 weeks, then it only ends up costing 64k sigils which may be a tiny stretch but do-able for you this season. If it’s not, then focus on saving for a really good start to next season to try the same thing. You need to be able to obtain 14k sigils in the first 2 events to make it happen.



I did this for aibrean. Turn out it costed about 320 gold chests (not include bonus) for 14k sigil and a bunch of prize.
In raw calculation, that would be a full dragon + resource = 160k rubies. base on sigil chest drop average (108 per chest), a full dragon = 28k sigil = 260 sigil chest = 104k rubies (not include bonus).

This will also be heavily adjusted based on your current league and average ranking in events and also whether or not your team usually completed the max team bonus and quest chest.

This could range anywhere from about 3k extra sigls per event for a rank #1 diamond team to just a couple hundred sigils at lower tiers.

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