Friendly wars as game improvement


Hello who reads this during the holidays :evergreen_tree:

I was thinking why we are not having friendly wars with other teams, offcourse because we can not. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think if teams would be able, it will raise team activity, teams can make a scedule ahead for wars, friendly or not that doesnt matter, and for the leaders it’s more easy to keep an active too very active team.

And than something like its not needed to be in the same sub league for teams, but same league level is needed.
And a war is only able to start when both teams declared war at a team, and the opponent need too accept that friendly war.


Think about one little problem: this is a war game so people play to declare wars and by the way this game has MUCH more problems then freindly wars (and I can’t see demand being that high or why is this better then gifting teams with a war for Xmas :joy: ( I did that cause my team wanted :wink:) )
Also: what differences will there be? I won’t see any officer wants to declare a war and wait up to let’s say 12 hours for permission that it will be on its way )


Like it is a idea, any suggestions are welcome, and things that can become a issue can be worked out.
I have 41 participating members in war, why hold them back in losing a war of it is a war game?
If we win wars we hit gold 2 top leagues fast, but a lvl 40 or lower will have a boring pvp and maybe even stop because the pvp events getting too hard.


Friendly wars… Oh, my goodness!

Pillow fight a la War Dragons? Don’t make me laugh! :rofl::joy:


Now I understand why people complain in several leagues in lc why not posting any suggestions at the forum. So heart warming all.


@ModMat this is supposed to be under suggestions not wars.


They put something like that in CoC. You could challenge a team and change the challenge length. It actually was kind of fun. If you had friends on a different team you could set it to a shorter duration and less bases. So you could do a half hour war of x bases.


What game is coc?
And maybe that could also be something to be implented as a extra thing to make it more a war game.
As losing wars is not something that is in my veins, and not should be a tactic that is needed in a war game.


Interesting, but there are times when it’s better to lose a war on purpose (we call it gifting): like when my team was about to be promoted to Platinum 1, but we weren’t up for that kind of challenge, the following PvP would have been a little too hard.

So we lost a war, and therefore maintained our position in Platinum 2, and everyone was happy! The event was a success, too

CoC as Clash Of Clans?


Yea, and make us only be able to use red dragons…This idea is bad, no offense, just how would is this different then a regular war other then the fact that the team needs to declare one with another, and the other one must be like “Oh…THESE NOOBS! WE WILL RECK DEM!”?


I said stupid in a forum post and got flagged…how r u not flagged?


Sort of like two hand touch wars?


Rofl I dont know why you got flagged :joy::rofl: maybe my idea is not that stupid, and let us lose wars in a war game.
Pretty new for me to join do a war and lose it, never entered a war with that mentality, nor in a game, nor at a battlefield.


Still maybe make it practice wars with no lose to egg tokens or make reward for victory 10 rubies for each player in bronze
50 in silver
100 in gold
250 in platinum
500 in diamond
750 in sapphire
1000 for 30 highest teams\


I also play Marvel Strike Force. They have ‘Arena’ (perhaps their equivelant of WD wars) for ranks and ‘Blitz’ for in-game rewards.

Would be good for WD to have encourage more wars by having 2 types.

  • 1 for ranks - exactly as they currently are.
  • 1 for rewards - these do not affect rank, number of victories or highest weekly temporary rank (independant of the above) reset each week.

This would bring back some meaning to the name ‘War’ Dragons.


That would be great for keeping activity up. I like the idea of playing for rewards and not just rank. I think some friendly wars would be fun too although it might lead to a war for rank…


I imagine that teams would use the reward version to practice for the rank version.
Maybe some restricions would need putting in place.




Normal runs don’t provide a team benefit. It’s all about the wars.


events (particularly PvP) and team quests, do.